Saturday, August 3, 2013

Protect Our Bears - Move a Democrat to Seattle

Recent efforts by the city of Seattle to legislate political correctitude by banning from use words like "citizen" and "brown bag", have made people wonder just what those people have been smoking up there in the Pacific Northwest. Just for clarification, I'd like to explain the phenomenon of liberal loonification that is apparently going taking place in places like Seattle and Olympia.

In Washington State, we like to keep all our Democrats in large "sustainable" cities like Seattle and Olympia.  We also tolerate a manageable population in Tacoma and Forks (liberals do love their vampires for some reason and they whine if you don't let them live near pretend ones).

In any case, we dare not let them loose in the surrounding forests and wilderness areas. It's not that we worry about them getting lost or anything. We can afford to thin the herd a bit anyway. What we are concerned about mostly is that they might be mistaken for food by our wild bears and be accidentally eaten. The bears would be in danger of death by food poisoning, should they inadvertently ingest a Democrat due to the high-toxicity levels often found in Democrats, particularly those from Seattle; especially those of the Lyndon LaRouche sub-species.

We love our bears up here in Washington and we try to protect them from harm so far as possible. Once in a while, though a liberal will sneak past us and drive out into the country, get naked and wander off into the forest on a "spirit quest" or some other such nonsense. Sometimes they take cameras with them, presumably to take pictures of the bears and mountain lions. These liberals often do not come back, not that it's a problem for us mind you. We just have to hope that the bear population is robust enough to handle the occasional toxic take-out dinner that comes their way.

(c) 2013 by Tom King

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