Friday, April 17, 2015

He ain't Jebe'....

Okay, I'm kind of violating Reagan's rule about picking on our own guys, but since it's such a good joke on Jeb Bush, I couldn't resist. Apparently, for those living under a rock who don't know, Jeb "accidentally" listed himself on a Florida ballot as "Hispanic". I believe him. It would be an easy mistake. He lived for several years in Venezuela and is married to a Mexican woman (born in Mexico). Half his family is Hispanic (his kids literally half-Hispanic).  For those of you living in darkest Mississippi, the "J" should be pronounced "H" for it to be funny. And if you weren't alive in the 60s or a fan of the Hollies, you might not get it either, but old decrepit folk like me probably will, so forget the rest of you while us geezers have ourselves a harmless good wheeze. I'd advise Jeb to laugh it off too.

(c) 2015 by Tom King
*Original joke by PJTV's Scott Ott on a member's only segment of Trifecta