Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Who's Yahoo?

The 44% Solution to the Coming Media Propaganda Blitz.

My home page is currently on Yahoo.  I say currently because I'm not sure I can stomach it too much longer.  I don't know if anyone else has noticed, but since the passage of the health care bill, Yahoo News, never exactly a bipartisan organization anyway, has poured on the stories about how wonderful it is now that Obamacare is ours. If you watch their headlines, you'll see that Americans are doing a happy dance in the street for joy now that all those millions of injured, starving, sick people have been dragged up out of the ditches where they've been dying without hope and miraculously healed.

And now, all of a sudden, there are evil conservative terrorists springing up everywhere threatening the brave Democrats that voted for health care at grave personal risk.  They leave coffins on lawns, they threaten to blow up policemen and murder our beloved president.  I expect global warming to start heating up any day now.

For crying out loud, at least they could be subtle about it instead of wearing flower leis and singing the "I Love Obama" song.

Try watching some of the other mainstream news media and see if something is not rotten in the state of America.  See whether or not you begin to see a propaganda campaign cranking up.

A new movie called "The God That Never Was" was recently released. In his movie, progressive director Brian Fleming comes to the shocking conclusion that God does not exist.  I am stunned.  He also thinks that Christians are scary stupid.  Whoa!  I didn't see that coming.

Fleming quotes an "alarming" statistic - at least he thinks it's alarming.  He says 44% of Americans believe Jesus will come in their lifetimes.  Now, my question is, "Why does he think that's an alarming statistic?"

Is it because (A) He thinks such a belief can only be held by dangerous right wing militia gun nuts OR..........

(B) Because he thinks it might be true and he just realized his last movie was about how Jesus doesn't exist.

The fact that 44 of every 100 Americans truly believes Jesus is on the way, sort of indicates to me just how bad things have gotten.  Jesus said before the end you would see signs of the impending apocalypse.  He said that in the same way we see signs in the trees and weather that tell us that winter is coming, so would it be in the days of His coming as well.

Well, I don't know about you, but I'm starting to see the leaves dropping.

So, if 44 out of every 100 of us believe that Jesus has loaded up the bus and is fixing to come after us, maybe we should be hanging out together more, treating each other like we would want to be treated, lifting each other up to stand through the coming trial, instead of bickering endlessly over fine points of doctrine.

Forty four percent is a voting block that could carry any election.  Forty four percent could end hunger, reduce poverty and change the very government of our country with our votes.  I don't believe the remaining 56% of the country is quite that organized that they could defeat us if we were determined. There are at least 20% or so that are Ayn Rand atheists that would vote with us.

Till 2010, then, how about lets lift each other up with prayer and friendship.  Let us Christians hang together. We are a peaceful army, which, if led by God, is a force against which no potentate can stand.  We will not let them define us. We will not let them label us.  We will stand firm for God though the heavens fall 'round us. We need not lift a weapon or plant a bomb. We need dig no trenches or don helmets and flack jackets. Angels will stand between us and evil men. God will fight for us and if He is with us, who can stand against us.

Be of good cheer my brothers and sisters.

And if you find a better home page than Yahoo, would you let me know.  I don't know how much more smugness I can take.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A Peek into Our Future

Want a peek into our future.  Take a look at the so-called world's strongest economy.


An article on Yahoo News today about China's successful attempts to thwart Google from delivering Chinese citizens actual unsanitized Google searches makes it clear what such an economy sacrifices to juggle communist socialism and free market capitalism and remain powerful financially.

Isn't that special.

The cost is paid by the Chinese worker. Already badly underpaid, Chinese are routinely denied access to information from the outside world. The theory seems to be that the less you know, the easier you will be to exploit.  While it's true that China is a socialist country and it is also true that they have embraced just enough capitalism to make money. The beauty of socialism is that you can make tons of money on the backs of your citizens. By keeping the cost of living artificially lowered you can concentrate lots of money in the hands of the beloved leaders.

Great for the beloved leaders.  For the poor schmucks that live in run down housing, eating lots of rice and watching propaganda films about how happy you are living in run down housing eating lots of rice and watching propaganda films about how happy they are - not so much!

So enjoy a nice Google search while you still can.

Monday, March 22, 2010

History in the Making: Welcome to Amerika!

America has jumped the shark.  If you don't know what that phrase means, let me explain.  The rest of you, "talk amongst yourselves".  Jumping the shark is when a television series finally does something so desperately dumb for ratings that you know it's fixing to be canceled. It refers to the episode of "Happy Days" where Fonzie jumped a pool of water with a shark in it on water skis. 

The Pres should have been wearing a leather jacket and a bathing suit when he made the announcement that the House had passed the Health Care Reform Act tonight without a single Republican vote God bless 'em. 

Welcome to the United Socialist States of Amerika!  It has begun. This is the first in what I believe will be a wave of socialist laws that will end up collapsing the economy and bringing on a crisis of epic purportions.  I believe the Dems plan to use this as cover to either cancel the November elections or at least postpone them to protect the public safety.  We haven't seen this country so polarized since 1859.  These impossibly arrogant people really do believe that Americans will happily accept the loss of their liberties and the establishment of a gargantuan government with its tentacles in every corner of our lives in exchange for some bread and circuses and a 12 hour queue for free band-aids. 

I am one of those people that this bill was supposedly passed for.  I am between steady jobs. My wife is unemployed and unable to return to work for health reasons.  I have bad knees, high blood pressure and no health insurance.  AND I DON'T WANT TO DO THIS TO MY KIDS AND GRANDKIDS!  I do not want to saddle them with massive unpayable debt and a government that will tell them what to do, when to do it, where to do it and how to do it just so I can have some government bureaucrat tell me I'm too old and useless to get any free band-aids. 

I'd rather be rolled over by a tank on the Washington Mall.  That will be next.  They've already banned rallies on the mall after August of this year.  The president plans to create a special security force, armed like the military to keep order in the homeland. They're indoctrinating our children.

We've seen the signs and we didn't want to believe it.  They've told us from their own lips what they want.

We missed our chance to head it off. The Apocalypse is upon us I fear. An established totalitarian government is an essential precondition for bringing on the events described in Revelation. America must be eliminated as a refuge for the free practice of faith, for free speech, assembly and the press.  Voices must be silenced. We have seen it time and again: in France during the Revolution, in Russia during the Revolution and in China during the Revolution. 

Welcome to the Revolution!  Not the one we had before, but the one that will destroy everything the American Revolution stood for. The new Bolsheviks are celebrating tonight. Let them!

We need not despair, for help is coming, riding out of the east on a cloud of light with all the power in the universe at His fingertips.

Till then?  As someone once advised, "Keep your head low and your powder dry!

I'm just sayin'


Friday, March 19, 2010

What's That Sound?

Is the Union to be sundered?

The news media keeps calling this weekend "historic". I agree with the media.  It is historic.  I suspect that this weekend marks the beginning of the end of America as we know it. The Democrats seem intent on committing political suicide.  This is not like Democrats. If ever a group were set on hanging on to power, it's the Democrats. These guys would lie to their Grandmothers if it would pick them up a handful of votes. They dredge votes up out of the cemetery for crying out loud.

So, why are they on the verge of voting for a bill that is violently hated by more than half the country, including many of their own liberal supporters who, ironically, don't think it goes far enough.  This thing is political mass suicide. So why are they voting for it?

What do they know that we do not?

I've never been a conspiracy theorist, but I am beginning to wonder if the reason they are not afraid to face voters this fall is that they aren't planning to face voters this fall. I'm beginning to wonder if this is going to go down in history a a power grab on the order of Kristallnacht. 

Here's why I'm smelling a rat:

  1. There is a sense of time running out among the Democrats as though this bill needs to be passed in order for something else to happen and that time is running out for this secondary event to take place in time for a third event. It is the third event I worry about.
  2. If health care "reform" happens, I expect the economy to be in free fall within months as the implications of this massive spending bill become clear and worldwide markets take a swan dive off the nearest bank building. Is this economic collapse what the Dems are hoping for? Is this what needs to happen next.
  3. If the economy collapses, the very angry folks who opposed the health care bill in the first place will do one of two things: Sit quietly and take it or rise up in demonstrations and civil unrest.
  4. If there is massive unrest, a state of emergency will be declared. The president is already preparing the U.S. military to deploy on U.S. soil as a peace-keeping force. 
So my question is, if there is civil unrest or a large scale terrorist attack, will elections be canceled this year to protect the public.  This seems impossible in the United States of the 21st century.  But if we look back in history, we see what happened in late 18th century France, in Julius Caesar's Rome, in 20th century Russia, Germany and China must have seemed, at the very least, unlikely to the citizens of those countries. 

The question is, will we like a mindless mob of sheeple, be manipulated by the Robespierres, Napoleons, Agustus's, Trotskys, Lenins and Maos. Or will there be a second and more bloody American Revolution.

I hope not. Unfortunately, reading the last chapter of the Bible does not reassure me that dangerous times are not ahead. I hear the sound of strife in the distance. God help us all in the coming months as monumental events play out upon the stage of history.

They're right however it goes on Sunday.  This weekend is historic.  Pray hard. I hear the sound of strife in the distance.

Tom King

Saturday, March 6, 2010

But Some of These Guys Aren't REAL Conservatives!

 See, that's just what I was talking about.

Some folks didn't like my "firing squad".  Those of you who jump on me every time I suggest that Fred Thompson would be the best man to be the next president, you know who you are!  "No fire in the belly!" What balderdash!  As though I wanted a president who wanted to be president so badly that he'd prostitute himself to the media and the party bosses in order to get elected. Fred Thompson could NAP through the entire campaign and get my vote.  Just listen to the man talk. We haven't had a leader that articulate since Ronald Reagan.  And don't get me going on Sarah Palin.

Because the second I actually mention a possible candidate for 2012, the kook fringe of the conservative movement rises up out of the bushes where they've been hiding to watch for black helicopters, and start listing reasons why whoever it is isn't a real conservative (in other words, not Ron Paul).

So what if there are some neocons and country club Republicans in the ranks?  The thing you do though is you outnumber them. You DON'T spend all your time shooting at them. It only makes the rest of the troops nervous.

"Am I going to be next?"   "What if I fail the conservative purity test?" "Are they going to turn on me?"

I don't care cause I'm a crusty old East Texan with a hide the thickness of an elephant's butt, but a lot of folks do and they will back away if they feel like that's what the conservatives really are - a bunch of nattering old women who don't know what they want, but just want to complain about everything.

That's why we lose all the time.  Too many holier-than-thou types in the conservative ranks.  Kills churches.  Kills political parties too.

Look at the variety of disciples Christ recruited.  They represent virtually every political persuasion that existed in Palestine at the time. There were Pharisees, Saducees, zealots, theologians, tax collectors, hard living fishermen and certified public accountants. He united them around a single cause and changed the world with that ragtag collection of human beings.

If we don't figure out how to do that, we'll be as fractured and pointless and ineffective as the Sanhedrin was with its constant bickering and in-fighting.  Why do you think it was the Romans that actually ran everything in Palestine?  The Sanhedrin couldn't agree on what time of day it was, much less how to run a country.

Conservatives have the same problem.  Too many Scribes and Pharisees and not enough true believers.  And yes, Jesus criticized the corrupt leaders and yes, he kicked out the moneychangers and yes, we don't have a leader like that.  But do notice this - Jesus, Himself did that sort of stuff.  Jesus never sent his disciples out to flog moneychangers or condemn the Sanhedrin. He never said, "Go ye therefore and make sure everyone is a "real" Jew."  Instead, He taught them to do one thing - share the good word of salvation.

More importantly, he told them that if anyone didn't want to hear the word, you should simply smile and move along to someone who does want to hear it.  He never commanded his disciples to stand around and argue with people you were never going to convince anyway.

If we did that today with the message of conservatism, we would be a powerful force that would overwhelm the evil forces that threaten us.  Instead of fighting the foe, however, we fight among ourselves and as a result, we can't seem to accomplish anything. We have good leaders and I could mention two (again) that would be my dream team for president/vp in 2012, but, as I said, I would have 20 or 30 people descend on me telling me why they aren't "real" conservatives.

If we keep this up, we are going to lose again no matter how badly the Dems screw up the country between now and the election.  Better the devil you know (and who seems to be at least all on the same message) than some bickering collection of nattering old  do-nothings, politicos and conspiracy theorists.

I'm just tellin' ya what I see.


The Conservative Firing Squad

If conservatives formed a firing squad to execute socialism/progressivism, this is what it would look like!

We're so danged busy shooting each other we can't hit the target we are supposed to be aiming at.  If the kind of bickering and "my conservatism is better than your conservatism" stuff that I hear on the radio and read on the forums keeps up, we'll never be able to find anyone pure enough to run against Obama in the next election..

I've read the prophecies in scripture that predict the downfall of man at the end of time and I always wondered how it would happen. Well this is it.  We're going to go to war against tyranny and evil and we'll be busy shooting anyone we don't think is a "pure" conservative or Christian or libertarian or whatever brand name we attach to our particular standard of purity.  We'll slaughter ourselves while the single minded armies of progressive/socialism will roll right over the top of us.

This is really sad and discouraging. What happened to the Golden Rule?  What happened to love your neighbor and love means believing the best of each other.  That used to be the strength of the conservative movement.  I remember Ronald Reagan always appealed to the better angels of our nature.  Too many of our number these days have become so angry and so focused on what the enemy is doing that they are rapidly becoming exactly like our enemy.  By beholding we become changed and not always for the better.  Depends what we're beholding most of the time!

I'm just sayin'

Tom King - Flint, TX
(c) 2009 free to use with this copyright notice and attribution. Forward if you want to.  Unlike the left, I don't believe in forcing people to do what they don't want to.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Enough Already With the Redneck Jokes

If we want to hear redneck jokes, we'll tell 'em ourselves. We're better at it anyway.

You know the snide comments from all those Yankee pundits on the liberal news media about those of us who prefer a climate where we don't have to thaw out our oxygen in the winter just to breathe are getting just a little old. To hear them tell it, we're all a bunch of ignorant, in-bred, dull-witted hayseeds whose only religion is NASCAR. Now, while I do admit Dale Earnhardt had a couple of thriving congregations in his day, I maintain that even Yankees have a few collections of individuals that tend to carry things a little over the top.

Three words - New York City.

I rest my case.

Since the Civil War, there has been a steady campaign of slander against Southerners (and even Texans for that matter). The idea that we are invariably racist has been particularly pernicious.

"Particularly pernicious."  Say that 3 times fast in Boston and see how sophisticated you sound!

Look, even back in the 1800's, not all of us in the South were pro-slavery.  During the civil war, there was a thriving guerrilla campaign carried out against the confederacy here in East Texas by locals, who, like Sam Houston, believed secession in that particular case and for those reasons was just plain wrong! The idea that all southerners are slow-talking racist redneck hicks is just not true. 

Many Union soldiers during the Civil War were southerners serving against their own neighbors and family- a long way from home because they believed in doing the right thing. Everyone knew it was about slavery, no matter the high-toned rhetoric. There was a lot of fine talk about states rights, but like today, the real reason for the government's action was somewhat other than what was being put forward by the rebellious states. Everyone in the South knew the war was about the cost to wealthy Southerners of losing all that free slave labor. But, not everyone in the South turned their eyes from the true cost of that vile institution.

We must take a lesson from the one that God taught Abraham Lincoln. You must do what is right and for the right reasons. Merely to preserve the Union was not sufficient for God to bless the Union Army. It took the Emancipation proclamation to secure God's favor and open Lincoln's eyes. In return for his recognition of the true reason for the war, God sent Abe a hard-driving general named Grant and rallied the support of good men and women behind what was now perceived to be openly a war to end slavery.

Ultimately, our founding documents make clear that the rights of the individual trump the rights of the state, the nation, and even the rights of the county and the city. That's what "all men are created equal and are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights" really means.

Like another man who shares my surname, I too look forward to a day when all men are judged, not by the color of their skin, the style of their clothing, the accent of their speech, their religion, or the place where they are born, but by the content of their character. 

I'm just sayin'

Tom King - Flint, TX (secret guerrilla hideout in the piney woods)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Hormones of Revolution

Why it's always 20-somethings that want to run the revolution.

I heard a young man on the radio today opining to an unsympathetic Sean Hannity about how it was "always" the young people that made a revolution happen.  He seemed to be making the case that conservatives couldn't have a revolution because they weren't young people.  This guy actually said, "Nobody wants to hear what some wrinkled up old 65 year old has to say!"

Say what?

I would just love to see this arrogant little twit try to defend that attitude. This kid is a victim of his own hormones which are busily deluding him into believing he is smarter than Mom and Dad and ought to be out on his own so he can be free!  This is nature's way of tricking kids into leaving home.  It's a good thing, but too often kids misinterpret temporary insanity for some great burst of enlightenment.  All it really is, is a burst of hormones designed by nature to draw all the intelligence out of their wee brains and fool them into believing the fount of all knowledge is located somewhere in their pants.

I say we put this little brainiac on television and let him repeat that statement out in the open where he can be seen. These kids really have no idea how many baby boomers there are out there and how badly we outnumber them.  They don't really understand that my generation and my parents generation control something like 85% of all the money in the country. And we grew up iin the 50's and 60's.  You want a revolution, buddy, you've come to the right place.  You think we were spoiled brats then, go ahead and try to tell us we're irrelevant now.  We'll show you a temper tantrum. 

Try and explain to us how the handful of you young folk are going to stand up against the generations that whipped the Germans, Japanese, Italians, North Koreans, Chinese, Libyans, Panamanians, Russians, Iraqis (twice) and scared the bejeebers out of anybody else we really wanted to frighten. We didn't really lose to the North Vietnamese. We just threw a twenty-something hormonal tantrum and made our parents stop fighting. We've since realized we were being manipulated by communists and socialist infiltrators.

I, for one, am still pretty hacked off about that.

Make fun of the Tea Parties all you want, but we are just warming up, kid.  There ain't nothing as determined as some hacked off grandma that thinks you're doing harm to her grandbabies.  Her entire reason for existence from that point on is to tell grandpa where he should place the next shot!

You want to take us on little boy?

To quote a wrinkled up old man I know, "Go ahead. Make my day!"

Tom King, Flint, TX
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