Friday, May 18, 2018

The Myth of "The Right Kind of Ruler"

Comedy Central's John Oliver took on the disaster happening before our eyes in Venezuela and manages not to mention the word "socialism other than to specify that it's not socialism's fault".
The American left never seems to associate the consequences of creating powerful collectivist/socialist states with collectivism/socialism itself. If anyone points it out, they always fall back on blaming the consequences themselves. It was "greed", "corruption", mismanagement, the "wrong people" were in charge, they didn't do it right. Always there is the assumption that it's something else that's the problem and never socialism itself.
The difference between socialism and an actual free market democratic republic like America is that for socialism to work you have to have "the right leaders". Where socialism fails, socialists always chalk it up to not having the right leaders. It's exactly like medieval reasoning - there are good kings and bad kings, but we must have a king!

American style republics don't depend on having a "good" king. We depend on the vote of the people and the checks and balances of our three part government. We don't have to have a "good leader" and we can survive bad leaders (see Barak Obama). The republic, because of it's structure, tamps down the depredations of bad leaders. So long as power in this nation remains diffused and decentralized, we remain safe. But if we create a great deal of political power that is housed in one individual, the corruptible will be drawn to that power like moths to a flame.

That is why socialism inevitably fails. The collective depends too heavily on the "natural goodness" of man. Man is NOT naturally good and because of this, there will always be an abundant supply of evil, power-hungry human beings to rush to seize power over their fellows and it always turns out badly at some point, despite everyone's best intentions.

The checks and balances of our democratic republic assume that too much power in any one man's or party's hands is fatal to the natural rights and liberties of our nation's people. It was an incredible piece of wisdom on the part of our founding fathers and just at the right time as the powers that ruled the Old World were busily trying to root out the sort of troublesome people that actually believed they should be able to speak, write, worship, and defend themselves without the permission of human authority. Scripture talks of a place near the end of time where the children of God might seek refuge from persecution by the powers of darkness. Well, America is it. We are a nation of refugees from religious and economic persecution, As it turns out most of that economic persecution was against people because of their faith. Nothing like America had ever been done before.

I believe the devil hates this place that God has given us and seeks to restore the authoritarian power of the Old World, here in the New. Karl Marx and Charles Darwin offered the Old World elite a justification for a revival of the ruling classes. The fittest were by right our rulers and we must serve the states represented by these smart, special people for the "good of all". 
I do not hold to that. As my favorite spaceship captain has said, "I aim to misbehave!"  We must not go gentle into that good night as Welsh poet Dylan Thomas advised his dying father. We must rage, rage against the dying of the light. A fight is coming if we are to hold on to the gains our country achieved. As a favorite president of mine once said, "We are a shining city on a hill."  Someone out there is trying desperately to extinguish the lights.

We know how it's going to go. Revelation is full of the dire warnings as to how badly it will go toward the end of time. We will have to fight with our backs to the wall for what is right and good. And just when we think that all is lost, it is then we will see our salvation coming in the clouds. Remember this. The Second Coming is not a conquest, but a rescue mission. Sin and evil must finally destroy itself. For the first time in history, man has the power to turn the Earth into a lake of fire and destroy himself utterly.

I don't think God will need to kindle the fires of hell. Men like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez and others have shown that sinners are quite capable of wreaking fire and desolation and destroy themselves utterly all by themselves without God's help. But we shall return and upon the ashes of evil, we will rebuild this beautiful world one day, but the end must be what it is, for the wages of sin truly is death and it must come to it's own sorry end if it is never to rise again throughout eternity. The universe must see it for the lesson to sink in. It's the only way to inoculate the future against the disease that is evil.

Just sayin'.

© 2018 by Tom King

Friday, April 27, 2018

The Myth of a Conservative Theocracy

The pigs are not who the media says they are.

I have no interest in a Theocracy.
It's odd that so many who fear that conservative persons of faith want to establish some sort of church-run government (which is not true) and yet want to tell me how Jesus would run the nation if he were in charge (which is always some complete Marxist fantasy). All I care about is whether the government is going to abide by the First Amendment and allow me to worship as I please, assemble as I please, say what I want to say, print what I want to print and believe what I want to believe. I've only heard one party boo God at their convention. I have never had a Republican say that I could not speak openly about my faith in the public square or teach my children in a parochial school setting or challenge my right to hang up a Christmas wreath in front of my store.

We are promised freedom of religion, not required to be atheists protected by some kind of misguided freedom from religion imperative to be enforced by government. Government, constitutionally, has no say in how or where I practice my religion. It cannot stop me or a group of us who agree to do so, from offering a prayer in the public square or invoking God's name when we speak. The constitution merely says the government cannot force you to worship in my church or any church. If some of my Democrat friends had their way, I would be forced by government, as Russians were by the Soviet Union, to worship at the altar of atheism.Now THAT would be a violation of my first amendment rights.

We're treated to propaganda constantly that says evil right wing Christian corporations are going to pollute the world and then when it collapses, we'll use the ensuing chaos to seize power. We Christians just can't wait to oppress the masses, exploit women like cattle, brutally murder anyone who disagrees, and cover it all up in religion sauce.  Don't believe me?  Watch a couple of episodes of "The Handmaids Tale" on Hulu. It won Emmy's last year for tarring Christians with a Stalinesque brush. The very methods by which socialism murdered hundreds of millions of human beings in the 20th century are portrayed as something that Christian Conservatives just can't wait to get enough power to do. Leftists use this propaganda technique to hide their own sins. Even Hitler, a socialist to the core who claimed he had a better more efficient form of socialism is supposed to be a model of unbridled Christian conservatism even though he  was a vegetarian, environmentalist who was spiritual, not religious by his own claims. It's the old "I am rubber, you are glue!" tactic from second grade on an international level.

And let me make this clear - Christians despise greed as much as anyone. It's the tenth commandment on that stone tablet leftists have removed from public grounds. One cannot enforce standards against greediness by creating enough government power to protect greed. In a free-market capitalist economic system, greedy people who don't give their customers value for their money, who obstruct free trade and attempt to manipulate the system are punished in three ways. 
  1. Customers stop buying their products and they stop making money and the whole bloated edifice collapses.
  2. The free market and government fair trade laws punish them for their greed and mismanagement through fines, jail terms and bad bad PR.
  3. If they behave criminally, then they get sued or arrested and the law steps in.
When Bears Stern and Morgan Stanley went nearly bust back in 2008-9, George W. Bush, whom I liked as a wartime president, messed up when he agreed with the Democrat Congress to bail them out with taxpayer money. Obama doubled down on it. If Bush had allowed them to collapse, small businesses and entrepreneurs would have stepped in to fill the gap and, while the economy might have taken a hit, it would have bounced back. That is if we hadn't elected a Democrat who, like FDR, hadn't meddled with the economy. The result was an 8 year recession. For many of us it was an 8 year full blown depression.

When we don't allow natural consequences to happen to these greedy people running some of the big corporations, when we protect them by bailing them out, we punish rank and file Americans to prop up bad business practices and greed. AIG should have failed along with all the rest of them. Someone leaner, faster and harder working companies would have stepped in to take over the market abandoned by these bloated behemoths. 

And contrary to the media's narrative, it wasn't conservatives that protected greedy executives' multi-million dollar bonuses and golden parachutes. It was government bailouts demanded by Democrats and Republicans who were in no way shape or form conservatives. Give me a Democrat who is a free market capitalist and I'll vote for him over any Republican who is in the tank for corporate interests. 

Unfortunately, these days when I look at the two parties, I that see one of 'em is by and large way deeper into the corporate pig trough than the other and it's name doesn't start with an R. That doesn't mean Republicans are without sin, but at least some of them are in favor of reducing the size and scope of government power. On the left side of the aisle, I can't find a single one anymore. On the right side of the aisle, it's easier to hold their feet to the fire.

Just sayin',

© 2018 by Tom King

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Trump Catches Flack for Potential Johnson Pardon

Jack Johnson in his prime
President Trump is getting flack from the left for considering a pardon of black boxing great Jack Johnson who was convicted of transporting a (white) woman across state lines for immoral purposes under the Mann Act. Although the law was created supposedly to stop forced sexual slavery of women, the phrase "immoral purpose" in the statute allowed an extremely broad application of the law. A later United States Supreme Court ruling in Caminetti v. United States (1917), held that "illicit fornication", even when consensual, constituted an "immoral purpose."* Johnson had beaten white opponents and even married a white woman, unforgivable sins in the Democrat South. So when he crossed a state line with a white woman, he was arrested and prosecuted. Johnson was convicted by an all-white jury in June 1913,** despite the fact that the incidents used to convict him took place before passage of the Mann Act., eventually serving time in Leavenworth. Several Republican congresses have sent bills to various presidents urging a pardon for Johnson, even after a movie about him came out. Even Democrats urged President Obama to pardon Johnson posthumously, but he refused. 

The ever-progressive New York Times at the time wrote this of a fight between Jack Johnson and a white opponent. "If the black man wins, thousands and thousands of his ignorant brothers will misinterpret his victory as justifying claims to much more than mere physical equality with their white neighbors."

Johnson was hardly a moral man or a terribly admirable man. He grew up in a mixed race community in Galveston, Texas where whites and blacks mingled freely. White moms gave him cookies and he failed to learn as a child that he was inferior to whites. This put him at odds with much of society during the Jim Crow era during which he regularly beat white opponents. Perhaps Trump should pardon him for that. It is, after all, difficult to accept being abused and looked down on because you believe you are as good as Democrats and white folk and refuse to step and fetch-it for "progressives" who think people of your color are racially inferior and need to be "taken care of" (See progressive movement founding father HG Wells' "History of the World").

Johnson's conviction was certainly racially motivated and I agree with Sylvester Stallone who has urged Donald Trump to pardon Johnson. The law was not kind to uppity black folk in those days and Johnson's pardon is long overdue. Someone should have done it a long time ago. It was a monstrous miscarriage of justice

© 2018 by Tom King

** "Cleveland Advocate 2 October 1920". Retrieved September 30, 2014.