Friday, May 26, 2017

Taking Prophecy Seriously


Saw an article today warning Christians not to take Bible Prophecy too seriously lest we stop trying to fix the problems we have in this world. The writer worries we'll just all sit on our duffs and wait for Jesus to come and let the world go to hell in a handbasket.

I sharply disagree with the author on this one. While we're convinced the world IS going to hell in a handbasket and very soon, that only makes us work that much harder to do good in the world.

For instance, my own church, which includes the Second Coming in its very name, at the same time has the second largest parochial school system in the world, one of the largest mission programs of any church, and a first rate hospital system and medical university. We were the fastest growing denomination last year and are growing faster out in the third world than we are in the States. 

Seems to me that people who believe Jesus is coming are busily trying to make the world a better place AND they aren't just sitting around talking about how we should take rich people's money, give it to the government and hope they'll do a good job taking care of the poor (the never do).

Those who believe Jesus is coming soon are the very ones showing up at disasters, digging wells for third world villages, teaching nurses, doctors and teachers, feeding the hungry, sheltering the homeless, healing the sick, clothing the naked and lifting up the lost and downtrodden, and even more so as we see the end approaching.

So "NO!" Let's by all means take the Bible prophecy seriously. It means we only have a short time to save as many souls as we possibly can before He gets here and we personally do the work. The closer it gets, the harder we will work. That may not be how it's done in "higher" social churches or among progressive socialists, but it's how God's children do it.

by Tom King

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

That Awkward Moment......

Ariana Grande discovered that loudly proclaiming "I hate America," doesn't protect you from people who really do hate America. Sadly for the left, appeasement is truly like feeding the crocodile hoping he'll eat you last only to discover that he tends to bite off the hand that feeds him.

© 2017 by Tom King

Saturday, May 13, 2017

DNC Proposes New Cheese Labeling Standards

Proposed New Labels to Prevent Cheesy Micro-Aggressions*

Washington, DC, May 13: Democrat minority leader Nancy Pelosi proposed a House bill today that would address micro-aggressive labeling by American cheese-makers. The specific type of cheese targeted bears the label "White American Cheese Slices".  Under the new law, this product would be labeled "International Cheese with Pigmentation Impairment."  This new labeling would address the America-centric micro-aggressions that non-Americans might experience as well as the Caucasian-specific racial overtones engendered by the product label. LGBTQ Advocates have also requested a rider removing the term "Singles" due to the hetero-sexual micro-aggressions engendered by the sexist term "single" which implies a difference between unmarried and married persons, especially between hetero-normal individuals and non-traditional gender embracing persons. The LGBTQ Alliance further seeks a ban on the term hetero-normal, though for the life of them, they couldn't think of another word to use for straight people (other than "straight" which is also a micro-aggression to gender creative individuals.

Former speaker Pelosi further proposed a ban on the term "Pigs in a blanket" when referring to a popular U.S breakfast food. The DNC has petitioned the food and drug administration and the Federal Communications Commission to purge all such references from Internet food websites, recipe books, product labeling and school lunchroom menus, replacing the term with the more educational and progressive term, "white cops in a straight jacket" in order to promote awareness of the need to rein in our out of control law enforcement officers, and in particular, white officers. The petition is also supported by the National Organization of Women, The Service Employees International Union, The National Education Agency, Black Lives Matter, the International Communist Party and the former Pope Benedict.

© 2017 by Tom King

 * Just a reminder for those of you in Rio Linda, San Francisco, Portland, and Seattle. This post is satire. It's meant to be funny, not truth. Please do not pass this news item to your friends and fellow social justice warriors. I made it all up to make fun of you. I'm sorry, but when I was making breakfast and saw the White Cheese slices sitting there, my twisted mind was off to the races (which PETA would not have approved of, but hey). Please accept this in the spirit in which it was intended. Or better yet, you could sit on your sofa, watch old episodes of The West Wing and Madam Secretary and wallow in self-pity till your fingers get all pruney. whichever makes you feel better (or worse if that's what you are going for). Enjoy! And leave a nasty comment below if that will help. I can take it.