Monday, August 26, 2013

How DC Comics Should do the "Justice League" Movie

You know I really think DC Comics ought to go all out with a "Justice League" movie like Marvel did with the Avengers. Of course, you couldn't call it "Justice League of America". That would be too Americanish.

I know, We could call it the "Obama Justice League" after all the greatest president ever has been looking to start up a domestic security force with teeth to it. That would just about do it. They could be the president's own super-hero task force.

Casting is really important too.  They already have Ben Affleck as Batman (after all, he did such a good job of killing the Tom Clancy/Jack Ryan movie franchise, why not let him have a go at the millionaire weapons manufacturer/do-gooder Bruce Wayne).  They change out Superman for every film now, so isn't it about time to put George Clooney in the blue suit and cape or at least the latest version of it.

Jane Fonda simply must be Wonder Woman.  Okay, I admit she's a bit long in the tooth, but she still has all those workout videos, so she should be able to get back in shape if anyone can and you can bet she'd bring some feminist political sensitivity to the role.

The Flash should be Jim Carrey.  His recent anti-gun rant puts him in the perfect position to show us, as The Flash, that we don't really need guns. We just need to be faster than bullets.

Finally, though I liked Ryan Reynolds as the Green Lantern, he was just a bit too butch for the role, since it's now been revealed that the Green Lantern is, in fact, gay.  I say we slide Neil Patrick Harris into the role.  He's thin enough for the tights.

The rest of the League, we can fill out with Glee cast members.

That ought to just about kill any residual support in the comic fan community for the DC franchise, which is what the company seems to be working diligently toward. The one I really feel sorry for in all of this is Superman. He must be confused now that his raison d'etre is "Relative Truth, Selective Justice and the Progressive Socialist Way".

Hope this helps you guys over at DC!  Hmm. I just noticed that.  DC?  Same as the city. That could explain some things.......

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