Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Why Did He Wait to Release the Birth Certificate?

The president has finally released his long form birth certificate.

Told ya' so!

I predicted this would happen back when all the birther controversy started. Obama's people realized they had a priceless opportunity to help him overcome problem before the next election.  And all they had to do was sit back and let the controversy get built up.

Look, these guys know that lots of people wildly dislike Obama's policies and desperately want him out of there right now.  Of course they would want to believe they could get rid of him with the birth certificate issue. So, having the birth certificate, like good little politicians, they passed out the rope and gave us time to get the knots thoroughly tied.

It's a handy smoke screen people - always has been. They got the idea from way their own people went after John McCain with foam on their lips over his alleged birth certificate problems. McCain, being an honest (if often mistaken) man, did the right and proper thing and released his birth records. When the same crisis visited the Obama campaign, however, in the spirit of never wasting a good crisis, they used this one.

All they had to do was hold on to it till it was no longer useful for distracting people or till some front running Republican opened his mouth in support of the issue.  Is it a coincidence that Glenn Beck had a rant just yesterday, practically screaming that the birth certificate was a distraction and that people were focusing all this energy on a phoney issue. Is it an accident that Donald Trump spoke openly about it and has been asking a lot of other awkward questions lately.

Time to fire the birth certificate gun to greatest effect.  Look what they get for it. 

  1. They can use it to try and make Trump look foolish, which would be hard to do with that hair of his.
  2. It revives the issue at a time when Republican and Tea Party leaders are pleading for their people to let it go. 
  3. It makes the birthers look paranoid and foolish - at least that's how it will be portrayed in the media.
This administration IS busily undermining our way of life. They want to create a magical socialist utopia, but in order to do so, they need us to look elsewhere. They need us to be focused on something trivial while they do what they need to do.

We could have seen it coming. How stupid would it have been for the Soros coalition to have selected a candidate with such a damning flaw as having not been born in this country.

The best thing in the world they could do for themselves, right now, since the leaders of the tea party conservatives are telling their people to lay off the birth certificate is to fire up the whole thing all over again by releasing the birth certificate. They figure they can make the whole birther conspiracy crowd look like stupid conspiracy theorists.

And the media will love it.  They've probably had to get mops out over at MNBC to handle all the salivation going on over at MSNBC.  The leftist media WILL use this as an excuse to marginalize tea party conservatives.

The tea party has been shackled with the birther controversy as an issue almost since its inception. Whether we wanted to carry water for the birther conspiracy or not, both the largely libertarian birthers and the leftist liberals.  I think of them collectively as libs as they both are turning out to be harmful to the country.  Glenn Beck has been the only libertarian leaning commentator I know that hasn't been sucked into the birther mess.

Unfortunately, because of this artificial association between the tea party and the 9/12 movement. We' are going to be painted with the same brush. Oh, the birth certificate thing was a plot all right. It was a plot to use the hatred of conservatives for this president against us and to marginalize our influence in the upcoming election.

And boy, oh, boy, surprise, surprise!  Just in time for the next presidential campaign! Good work people and congratulations to all those who will never, ever believe he has a real Hawaiian birth certificate anyway. While you turn your microscopes on the document and discussing ad nauseum how this one's a phoney, these guys are going to be winning another term for this nightmare of a president.

It's going to be the mantra of the media that conservatives just "hate Obama because he's black." Sadly, there are too many birthers that actually do hate him for being black and it's too easy for the media to find them and get them to talk on camera. They are so going to stick this issue to the tea party and the 912 project like Louisiana gumbo mud to a waffle boot.

I wish we all could have dropped this years ago, but instead, we honed a fine bludgeon for the left to use against us and now we've successfully placed it in their waiting hands. Hope you're wearing a hard hat because this is going to hurt.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King

Monday, April 25, 2011

Is Space Exploration a Sin?

Whenever the subject of space exploration comes up, somebody always drags up the old argument about fixing our problems here on Earth.  "How can we spend money in space when there are people starving here on Earth?" the argument goes.

While I sympathize with the view of those who would like to pursue peace before turning toward space exploration (which is, admittedly, quite expensive), I'd like to remind you of what was the most peaceful moment in Earth's history - July 20, 1969. On that day, for a few hours, most of the world laid down it's guns, postponed the assaults, terrorist bombings, and robberies they had planned, quit fighting among themselves for a bit and found a radio or TV to settle in front of while.  Why?  Because for the first time in history, Neil Armstrong, an American-built human being, was fixing to set foot on the moon. While Neil was getting his boots dirty, people all over the world watched in breathless amazement. For a powerful moment, the people of the world felt like human beings. The crime rate plummeted that night.There were no civil rights riots. We forgot that just two days before a US senator and the brother of the very man whose words were responsible for setting us on the path to the moon had run off a bridge while driving drunk and abandoned a young woman to drown. He disappeared from the news. We didn't care about scandal. We were looking up at the sky. There was a real man on the moon that night and it blew us all away.

Yes it was costly - 155 billion if you figure it in today's inflated dollars.  But, I mean, come on! We spent almost that much on the Chrysler/GM bailout and 20 billion more than that to bail out AIG. And don't even get me started on how much we're on the hook for because the folks at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac screwed up royally.

The Apollo program stretched our technology to its limits, creating a host of new industries along the way (and incidentally millions of new jobs making and selling everything from smoke detectors, home computers, sofwatre and WD-40 to superglue and non-asbestos fire retardant materials - things we didn't even know we needed till we went to the moon.) President Kennedy said, "We choose to go to the moon in this decade, not because it is easy, but because it is hard". The man was danged near a conservative the way he talked. The space program that grew out of that effort to put a man on the moon was, I believe, one of the most effective jobs programs in history. 

Space exploration has helped unite the planet in ways that are incredible. Remember some of the amazingly peaceful things we did with the space program.  At the height of the cold war, while our two governments were busy posturing over missile deployments and brush-fire wars, the last Apollo mission hooked up in orbit with a Soyuz capsule. After the Berlin Wall came down and the Soviet Union broke up we sent up a shuttle to dock with the Russian MIR space station. We carried the lion's share of the heavy lifting in building the "International" space station, extending the life of our space shuttle fleet, risking astronaut lives to finish the project. While we're trying to decide what to do now that we're grounding our shuttles and canceling the Orion program in favor of corporate and social welfare programs, we're buying rides into orbit on the old, reliable Soviet-designed Soyuz's still being operated by the Russians.  Space exploration seems to have generated, not only a lot of cool technology (like the laptop I'm writing this on), but also a lot of peaceful pursuits between nations. Playing nicely together in space is certainly a better way to use our rocket engines and guidance systems than the alternative.

Government needs to lead the way or get out of the way! One or the other. It's time Americans did what Americans do best. I think the motto for our return to the space race should be the immortal words of Larry the Cable Guy -- "Get 'er done!" 

Who knows. If we went to Mars, maybe peace would break out again. If you're looking up at the stars, it's kinda hard to shoot at your neighbor.

For those Christians who worry that supporting space exploration might be a denial of our faith or intruding on sinless worlds or denying that Jesus is coming, I found an interesting reference in Matthew 24 and Mark 13 where it says, "He will send out the angels, and gather his elect from the four winds, from the ends of the earth to the ends of heaven. I suspect if a few of us are in low Earth orbit or on a moon base, that the angels will still be able to find us. And really, when it comes down to it, doesn't man tend to do better when he's looking up to the heavens. Jesus said that we'd always have the poor with us. We can still help the poor, but maybe, if we turn our eyes toward the place from where He told us he would return, it will remind us what a wonderful universe he has prepared for us to inhabit. 

We stand on the threshold of the stars. When He comes he will make us over anew, fit to be citizens of the whole universe. Heaven will be wide open for us to explore.  I don't think Jesus will mind if we meet him partway, do you?  

Just my opinion....
Tom King

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Shoot Your Own Side First!

The Enemy is Among Us
© 2011 by Tom King

 I have been watching the progress of the movement since its inception and I see waves of attacks occurring against conservatives from within. Legions of leftist trolls and imposters come to places like Facebook, conservative discussion groups like the 9/12 project and other forums and create abnoxious caracatures of us. They post things that they think we would really post if we were just "honest". They pose as the worst sort of redneck bigots and psychotic paranoid conspiracy theorists to draw discredit to the movement and hoping to get us to admit how stupid, paranoid and bigoted we really are in some unguarded moment.

We have to recognize them for what they are and minimize their impact by rejecting their ideas - chiefly by ignoring them. We need to openly oppose such people, yes, but we also ought not engage them in long arguments. They are sent amongst us to sew confusion, hatred and discord. They are tools of Satan in my opinion, but that is my opinion alone. I have not heard from God on the matter, so before you start my dear trolls, I am NOT speaking for God, nor do I claim to.

Be careful what you believe, dear friends. Of course we want to defend our liberties, of that there is no question. What we must NOT do, however, is to attack our own, like-minded allies. That only serves the bad guys. I have seen conservatives attacked right and left by so-called "tea partiers" who impugn their motives and question their ideological "purity" (and boy howdy does that sound like leftist rhetoric to me). One guy gave himself away by calling himself a "tea-bagger". Another used to write posts that quoted passages from KKK literature from the 40s. They are trolls and fakes. They've recently attacked Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck in particular. The attacks come in waves as though orchestrated. The attacks tend to include the exact same talking points over and over as though the poster could not be troubled to be original, but was sticking by a script.

The progressive left MUST fracture and divide conservatives if they are going to win in 2012. If they can do it from within, so much the better. Their usual methods have done virtually no good so far.

The left thinks in terms of central planning when it looks at movements like the Tea Party. That's because progressivism is very much centrally organized and driven from the top. They, therefore assume that the Tea Party MUST be centrally controlled. They reveal this in their attacks when they assume someone like a Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh or the Koch brothers MUST be behind all this. That's why they dogpile on these spokespeople all the time. They think that if they bring down the "leadership", the whole thing will fold like a house of cards.

So long as the 9/12 movement and the Tea Parties remain very much local and grass roots driven, no amount of attacks on our so-called leaders will be effective. If we recognize what they are doing and support those brave people who speak out so eloquently about the principles we cherish and defend, then we frustrate the enemy.

There was a Christian folk song I heard once back in the early 70s in which it described the Christian Faith as an army whose sergeants gave the troops this battle cry - "Shoot Your Own Side First!"

That is what is happening with the fake sergeants amongst us. On the eve of battle, they tempt us to believe that our personal beliefs are entirely holy and pure and that evidence of sin among our fellow soldiers should be purged by gunfire. These fake sergeants are careful to define sin as any disagreement with our own narrow and sacrosanct beliefs.

Friends, if we shoot our own, we are lost. We cannot survive as a movement if we allow that to happen and continue to encourage that. We must remember, as one general put it, pointing across the battlefield, "The enemy is there!"

There is room among us for disagreement over fine points. There is room for anyone in our movement who believes in liberty and the founding principles of our country. Remember that the men who wrote those founding documents disagreed widely with one another on many issues. One thing, however, that they did NOT disagree on was who the enemy of their liberty really was.

So long as any man agrees that I have the right to worship God or not in any way I see fit, that I have the right to speak and assemble, to write and do business, to defend my home and to have a voice in how this country is governed, then that man or woman is my ally even if he thinks we ought to do some things a bit differently than I do.

God bless America. We are truly a city on the hill; a beacon of hope to all mankind. Let us be careful not to let a bunch of phonies and trolls turn us into a network of slums and warring factions. Let us keep our eyes on the prize. Let us remove the log from our own eyes before we go trying to pluck the speck from our neighbor's.

Just one man's opinion....

Tom King - Tyler, TX

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Friday, April 1, 2011

You Can't Stand on the Rampart and Wait!

In a Military Channel special about WWII pilots in the Pacific, I just heard a carrier pilot say something that, when you think about it is quite profound.

He said, "We all (the pilots) knew what our job was. It was to defend the carrier. If you lose the carrier, you have no place to land, but you can't defend the carrier by standing on the ramparts and waiting to be attacked. You have to go where the trouble started and attack it there."

There in one clear and simple military idea is the reason the foreign policy of the libs (libertarians and liberals) won't work!  We must not forget the lesson we have learned in the past at such a terrible cost in blood, sweat and tears.

Go to where the trouble started and attack it there. 

Shouldn't Firefighters Receive Fair Pay and Pensions?

....and benefits.
(c) 2011 by Tom King 

Union rally for so-called "Free Choice" law prohibiting secret ballot elections on unionization
There are friends and loved ones I count on to sound the proverbial B.S. alert when the press and PR guys have done their work exceptionally well. Someone whose opinion I value asked recently whether people actually believe that firefighters and cops who risk their lives daily in their jobs should be denied fair wages, benefits and pensions. Apparently the spin doctors have convinced good old soft-hearted Americans that the governor of Wisconsin is going to take away the pensions and bennies of cops, teachers and firemen.

You know, when someone has to tell outright lies to people in order to get them on their side, there's something unholy going on - unholy with a capital "U".

I'm not sure who it is that doesn't think firefighters should get benefits or pensions?  The implication is that it's those nasty tea-partiers and the mean people they elected to the statehouse in Wisconsin. Well it's not. Everybody thinks we should pay these guys a fair wage. Where we have a problem is when they start demanding an unfair wage.

I have a real problem with the union bosses that use rank and file union members to strong arm the taxpayer and that's what is happening here. In essence, these thugs are attempting to force taxpayers to pay more than we can afford to feed a badly mismanaged and bloated union bureaucracy. The unions are the problem, not the firefighters, but the unions have hired PR people to do all they can to cloud the issue and manipulate the media coverage. Their purpose is to make it appear that the whole thing is about cheating cops and teachers and firemen out of a fair wage.

"But unions have done so much good!" someone protests.  And that's true. They have helped stop the exploitation of American workers by corrupt robber baron industrialists. No argument there.  But this fight is not about past history. Wisconsin public sector employees are doing quite well thank you very much. The problem is with a bloated union bureaucracy that is never satisfied with what it has.

Any time you create a powerful governing structure, it's only as good as the people who run it.  Unfortunately, power attracts corruption. The problem is that the only reason for a union to exist is to "improve" the lot of the worker. Once the worker is getting a fair shake, the union leadership finds itself looking for a reason to exist. The leadership soon becomes discontent with merely managing the pension funds. They find themselves trying to justify an ever more bloated union bureaucracy and covering up, in many cases, misuse of union funds, malfeasance and even embezzlement. The bosses need to gin up new issues so they can call a strike once in a while, just to prove the leadership is worth what it's being paid.  So, the union bosses encourage an adversarial relationship with the employer and the employer is forced to charge more for his product. As a result, in order to maintain adequate profit levels for their investors, many companies wind up sending their manufacturing jobs overseas. The unions have killed more than one industry that way.

Look unions have done a lot of good where abuses were taking place. The federal government should have been part of protecting workers in the first place, but for too long the powerful leaders in Washington have been taking money from the corporations. Sadly, when the unions came along demanding a fair shake for workers, the politicians merely switched to playing a double game with both sides - one against the other and using the consumer/taxpayer as a cash cow to fund the whole deal.

There comes a point when any organization gains too much power and needs to have its wings clipped by its membership. That takes courage. It's time union members realize that they have a responsibility to the people who buy their goods and services. The problem in Wisconsin is that the public sector unions provide essential services. The consumer of the public sector union's product (the taxpayer) has no choice about purchasing those services anywhere else. With the auto industry, we had a choice of not buying cars that were too expensive or shoddily made. The consumer, by his buying habits, was able to curtail the excesses of both union and corporate fat cats who had to scale back their profit and wage expectations and improve their product in order to survive as an industry. Even then, the feds found a way to charge the taxpayer for cleaning up the mess that the bosses in both the corporations and the unions made over the years.

That's why I'm less than sympathetic with public sector employees. The only way the taxpayer (who consumes public sector services) can withdraw his support of a service he thinks is over-priced is to withdraw from the bargaining table and make it the responsibility of local cities, counties and state governing bodies to set the wages of public sector workers. That is actually a fair way to do that. If employees are unhappy with their wage, they may quit and go to work somewhere else. A city that wants good workers will, in turn, have to pay a competitive rate or workers will go elsewhere to find jobs.

If you don't believe your local public sector employees are getting a fair wage, simply approach the appropriate government body on their behalf. Attend public forums where budgets are discussed and speak up for fair wages for your garbage men, cops and even firefighters. I promise you, you have much more influence with your city council or county commission than you do with union bosses and state bureaucrats, who cut deals behind closed doors and use methods and do things to close deals that you would be apalled at if you knew the details.

Corruption is always an issue when you gather too much power in the hands of too few people. That's what's happened with the public sector union in Wisconsin. The state is in major budget trouble and the union bosses don't care. They would rather destroy the private sector economy through massive taxation than to compromise on already over-inflated salary and benefit packages in order to help the state ride out the crisis. The only move for the taxpayer is to elect officials who will take the union bosses out of the wage-setting process. Nobody wants starving firemen, but since they already make twice to three times what I did when I was risking my life daily working with emotionally disturbed kids, I'm not terribly sympathetic. I spent 30 years working in the nonprofit sector doing my best to do good for others. I had knives pointed at my face; two by fours swung at me; I had to restrain and protect large, violent people who wanted to do me harm. I had to deal with 5 to 7 such incidents a day working for not much more than minimum wage while a similar government employee received 2 to 3 times that much as I did with benefits (which I did not get).

The reason for that was that the public sector unions made certain that the state paid private sector agencies, not only less than what they gave to government facilities (about a third), but also only 80 to 90% of what it actually cost to do the job. The nonprofits had to raise the rest themselves rind ways to do the job with volunteers.

Do I wish I had a fat pension? Do I wish I had a guaranteed job making two or three times what the average worker in my town makes? It would certainly be nice, but I chose to follow my career track in non-government public service knowing full well that I was making a sacrifice to do so.

 Public sector and private sector unions are two different creatures. If you're a private sector union and get greedy, I just buy my goods elsewhere. You can't do that with public sector unions. Tell you what. I'll support collective bargaining for teachers when the government institutes a voucher system for schools that allows me to take my kid elsewhere if they aren't doing their jobs.

I can hear the public sector unions howling from here at the mere mention of that idea!

Just one man's opinion...

Tom King