Monday, August 19, 2013

Progressive Fantasy - All War Banned

All equal should not be all the same - progressives don't get that.
Got another one from one of my Paulista buddies.  It's titled "Newsflash:  All War Banned".  It includes this link to a fake news story in which Desmond Tutu becomes UN General Secretary and all the peace-loving countries of the world (like Iran, Russia, Egypt, Libya, Venezuela, Chad, The Sudan, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Chechnya, China and Serbia) vote to " declare America and Israel pariah states."  It goes on with this fantasy about accusing Israel and the US of state-sponsored terrorism and prosecuting Obama, Bush, Cheney (the only non-head of state they mention by name for some reason), Clinton and Netanyahu.  If they could dig up Ronald Reagan, I'm sure they would have included him as well.

Of course, this leaves the US without leadership since all of them will be jailed. I'm sure, however, they could find someone like, oh, I don't know, Ron Paul perhaps to save America from it's imperialist ways.  The think is a progressive socialist's wet dream.  A nightmare for freedom loving people everywhere.

It amazes me that anyone with half a brain could support this horror of an "idea whose time has come". It bases its assumption on utterly naive socialist fairy tales designed for the immensely gullible.

This anti-American, anti-Israeli mess of an idea is little more than an exercise in Progressive Socialist masturbation. What amazes me is that the Ron Paul libertarians like this idea. It may have something to do with the plan abolishing the world bank, destroying evil corporations and ending the war on drugs. Free pot for all seems to be an idea my Paulista buddies can always get behind. 

If "the world" really tried to do this and, God forbid, succeeded, the vast majority of the human race would be reduced to the status of pod people within a generation (except of course for the "Dear Leader" and his cohorts. This whole Utopian fantasy is based on the repeatedly discredited idea that if we just had the right smart person in charge (in this fantasy it's Desmond Tutu) and we gave him ultimate power, we could create a world government "with teeth" with the power to enforce goodness, prosperity and peace everywhere. That phrase "with teeth" keeps cropping up everywhere. Pope Benedict used it several years ago when he too called for a world government "with teeth" that could force powerful nations like the US to do its bidding. Like so many others these days, even the Pope has been caught up with the idea that we could somehow create a benign powerful force in the world that could make us all behave ourselves.

Communism promised a prosperous people's state before murdering
tens of millions of "the people"  - particularly those who found
the Communist state to be less than perfect and said so out loud.
It is a sad little pipe dream that crops up generation after generation once a few years have gone by and the horrors of the last round of bloodshed, murder and genocide has been forgotten and the last "perfect leader", reduced in memory to little more than a nursery room bug-a-boo. How quickly they forget what happens when you set up a man as God. Even the mighty Albert Einstein, who escaped the gas ovens of Auschwitz by but a hair's breadth, himself, fell prey to wondering why we couldn't get a bunch of smart people together and figure out how to make everyone happy, safe, well-fed and productive. The problem is that everyone who embraces the progressive socialist fantasy that some brilliant elite human leader could make the world good for the rest of us is falling for an old lie - one that dates back to a garden and a serpent and a gullible woman.

"You shall be like gods."

That lie has led to almost endless suffering throughout history as one man after another attempts to achieve Earthly godhood. The simple truth, however, is that Man cannot perfect himself. It's sad that we've never learned that from all the failed attempts at a Man-as-God Utopia that so-called civilize man has made over the past 7000 some-odd years. It is interesting that whenever you see a picture of someone's utopia, there's always a high wall around it. It's unclear whether the wall is to keep people out or to keep them in. Either way, I don't like it!

We are socialists, we are enemies of today’s capitalistic economic
system for the exploitation of the economically weak, with its
unfair salaries, with its unseemly evaluation of a human being
according to wealth and property instead of responsibility
and performance, and we are all determined to destroy
this system under all conditions - Adolph Hitler
They always mean well, the progressives, socialists, utopians and advocates of scientism. Every government ever established had the intent of making the world a better place for the people of whatever nation-group, tribe or city-state they created. The God-kings always promised that the lives of the people would be perfected. And the same thing always happens. Creating a government creates power.  Power attracts corrupt men who seize power and in short order start plundering the citizens, enslaving and abusing them once "the people" realize that the whole thing isn't working like they said it would. To maintain his power, the God-king must then silence any voice that dissents and control the flow of information lest "the people" discover that their human god is a false god and his ideas don't work.

The world's oldest profession isn't what you think. Seizing power and murdering people to maintain it is the real world's oldest profession. The Devil got the ball rolling a long time ago and the whole nasty mess keeps rolling on through history, gathering more weight the longer it keeps rolling. Every generation that uplifts a God-king, be it Stalin, Hitler, Mao or Desmund Tutu as this bit of fantasy proposes, creates a slightly worse monster.  One day we will create a monster who will roll over us completely and in so doing, destroy the Earth completely.

Remember, this. The Second Coming is not a pat on the back to mankind for writing laws that ban war and legislate universal peace, prosperity and health care.  It's a rescue mission to pluck the remaining loyal children of God from the ashes and wreckage that man has made of the Earth in the process of trying to prove that he could be the god of this planet without any help from He who made the Earth in the first place.

Tom King
© 2013

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