Friday, August 16, 2013

I Demand My Rights as a Hyphenated-American!

In this age of hyphenated citizenship, I'd like to proudly proclaim my membership in several minority groups which, I believe, should receive special dispensation.  I am:

  • A Bearded-American
  • A Cracker-American
  • A Texan-American
  • A Dog-Loving-American
  • A Poet-American
  • An Honor Student-American
  • A Writer-American
  • A Nerd-American
  • And, sadly, part of a shrinking minority - The Christian-American
I have, throughout my life, been the target of bullies, jocks and cheerleaders because of my hyphenated status - pushed into reviled minority groups by the cliques, good old boy networks and self-appointed celebrities in my little corner of the world. I believe my minority status should be formally recognized as a disadvantaged/frequently threatened group.

So when can we get started with the affirmative action programs, the special provision for our groups in federal grants-in-aid and the protection from criticism for our own stupidity by the mainstream media?

I demand my rights!

Just sayin'

Tom King © 2013

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