Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Oh Those Global Warming Scamps!

The white box on the pole is a NOAA weather station
in Hot Springs, VA.  The gray box below it to the right 

is a steam vent. How's that for accurate climate data?
Don't ya' just love government scandals. Now it's NOAA being accused of"cooking" the books on climate data. This isn't new news, it's been a documented problem for years with stations near power plants, in the middle of asphalt parking lots, next to steam walls and industrial sized AC unit heat vents. These spots are called heat sinks because they warm the air in the immediate vicinity. The good news is that they have identified and are finally closing not 6, not 60, but 600 weather stations situated near heat sinks that could be giving climate change scientists distorted data.

Of course, it wasn't NOAA that actually figured out about the heat sinks problem.For more than a decade, honest scientists not invested in shilling for the global warming consortium have questioned whether anyone was checking to see if NOAA's weather monitoring stations were up to snuff scientifically.  A group called SurfaceStations.org  has been collecting photographs of NOAA weather monitoring stations all over North America. A quick scan through their picture collection reveals stations with white gravel bases (white gravel reflects heat upwards around the weather instruments), near heat pumps, AC units, nice warm industrial piping, asphalt parking lots and other sources of heat.

Finally, NOAA has had to fess up and take down the more egregious offending stations. It would be interesting to go back now and remove the data from all those stations for the past decade and see what difference it makes to the "undisputed proof that global warming is real".

Oh, those global warming guys. They're all such scamps.

(c) 2013 by Tom King

Postscript:  I did notice that the SurfaceStations.org website is reporting that there has been a concerted hacker attack on their servers in the wake of the announcement by NOAA of the station closings. Why does that not surprise me?  This is not about science, it's about ideology and for some reason the guys on the left really don't like to let go of such a powerful tool for social change as "global warming".

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