Friday, August 23, 2013

A Species of Cowardice - On Defending the Muslim Brotherhood

My friends of the Ron Paul Libertarian fringe keep trying to find an excuse for the Muslim brotherhood - usually by declaring, "It's all America's fault." In a blog entry just last week, I called for prayer for Egyptian Christians during the recent political unrest in Egypt. This was just before the flames began to ascend from churches and orphanages. One of my Paulista buddies shot back: "Do you think the reasons they don't like us is because we prop up their tormentors? Their anger has little, if nothing at all to do with religion."

It was not unexpected. It's right out of the "Red Book o' Ron Paul Sayings", but it still surprises me when someone of passable intelligence goes there. But okay, let's take a look at the Muslim Brotherhood - the merry band of lovable Islamic Egyptian jihadists with the matches and the gasoline.

This group supports repression of women, Jews, Christians and anyone else who dares to disagree with them. Their take on Islam includes virulent misogyny, legalized pedophilia, brutal enforcement of arbitrary standards and the elimination of freedom of speech, religion, the press and virtually every other principle America stands for. And they use terrorism as a political tool.

No I do not think it has anything to do with us supporting the Muslim Brotherhood's tormentors. They have no tormentors. They ARE the tormentors. Their idea of a tormentor is anyone who will not "bow the knee to Baal" as Elijah so succinctly put it.

Let's look at Elijah while we're at. His story makes a nice parallel. Do you think it was Elijah's own fault that Ahab was trying to kill him along with most of the pagan priests and soldiers in Israel? Ahab called him a tormentor because Elijah had prophesied against him - just following God's orders - freedom of speech and all that. Elijah's continued existence was painful to Ahab and his wife, the ever-faithful, mother-goddess/Baal worshiping Jezebel. So they tried desperately to hunt him down and kill him.

Voltaire, whom I seldom quote, did have one thing to say about situations like Elijah's and the Christian church of the Middle East. "To discover who it is that rules you, find out first, who it is who cannot be criticized."

It is disturbing to me that Paulistas freely criticize Republicans, Christians, Jews, The Tea Party and conservatives, but every time you criticize a Muslim, these people try to shut you up or defend them by blaming it all on America. This is little more than base cowardice as far as I am concerned. It lets one put on a show of "bravery" by speaking truth to a power that you know won't hurt you. But when it comes to speaking truth to someone who will strap a bomb on a handy woman or poor person of any sex and send them to where you live to blow themselves and you up, if they don't like what you are saying.......speaking out is quite a bit more dangerous for yourself.

Well, that' s a totally different matter. Without the protection of the constitution, I suspect that it will soon deteriorate to that very state of affairs if the Democrats and President Obama have their way. The mainstream media already censors itself voluntarily where the president is concerned.

This is what troubles me about the Ron Paul libertarians. They spend an awful lot of time criticizing Republicans, Christians, Jews, the Tea Party and conservatives, but when it comes to Democrats and president Obama they are far less energetic in their attacks.  And when it comes to criticizing Muslims they're downright lethargic, preferring to defend the victimhood of jihadis, even when they are busily murdering their fellow Muslims and burning down Christian churches as they have been in Egypt lately.


  • The "because we prop up their tormentors" meme only applies if you actually have tormentors. If you ARE the tormentor, not so much.
  • The "It has nothing at all to do with religion" meme rings hollow when they call what they are doing a jihad. Look it up. Jihad means "holy war".
  • Furthermore, It's hard to take the "nothing at all to do with religion" meme seriously when the Mullahs issue fatwah's commanding that someone be murdered for daring to criticize Islam or offend the prophet.
  • It's even harder to buy that idea when they set up terror cells based out of mosques and press hard for the institution of "Sharia Law for All" in countries where they have immigrated en' masse and are fast becoming a racial majority.
Keeping quiet and/or defending the Muslim Brotherhood when they are burning and murdering, not Americans, but Egyptian Christians who are NOT Americans is feeding the alligator, hoping he'll eat you last.

Not only that, but it's cowardly. Man up you guys! For crying out loud.

I'm just sayin'


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