Saturday, October 15, 2016

Christian Leaders Sell Their Souls

Hitler was elected Chancellor in 1933
because he promised to make Germany
great again as a Christian nation.
For a Pocketful of Mumbles....

Such are promises as Simon and Garfunkle once sang. It's kind of sad to see. Billy Graham's son is all over Facebook trying to explain why it's okay to vote for Trump. I'm sorry, but I don't buy it. Historically we've seen it all before and the devil is nothing, if not determined to conquer the world his way. It's the whole point of the great controversy between God and Lucifer.  It should come as no surprise that Lucifer sticks to his same strategy built upon the premise that free will is too dangerous and that humans need a ruler (namely him) to keep them in line.

So here we go again, this time in the United States instead of Europe or Asia or somewhere else. This election, we have been presented with two cartoon candidates who are both understudies for the father of lies. To vote for either is to vote for what you hope is the lesser of two evils. I keep asking someone to show me in scripture where it says, "Thou shalt choose the lesser of two evils." No one ever has. They just repeat the lesser of two evils argument or try to make excuses for Trump's abysmal behavior, his somersaulting policies and his serial lying. He and Hillary could be sisters.

Remember this.  In 1933, Adolph Hitler was supported by the churches of Germany because he promised to protect their liberties, because he promised to "Make Germany Great Again" (sound familiar?) and because he was less evil than the Weimar Republic candidate.

In 1932...
  • Hitler did not close churches.
  • Hitler did not execute clergymen.
  • Hitler did not exterminate Jews.
  • Hitler did not exterminate Gypsies.
  • Hitler did not over-run Europe.
  • Hitler did not execute 6 million Germans who didn't agree with him.
  • Hitler did not bomb civilians, steal art treasures for himself or shoot rockets at London......
He did none of those things...............until AFTER he was elected!

© by Tom King

Friday, October 14, 2016

Trump is Samson - Trump Delusion Syndrome Deepens.

And Trump has all those great heroic
posters like the other guy too!
First they compared him to King David. Poll numbers continue to fall. Now it's Samson. Samson, they say, didn't drink wine, has a tendency to lie, has a weakness for women and his hair is sort of a big deal. Therefore, he is Samson!

Great sufferin' honk!  Samson?  Really? At least Samson knew he was such a rotten person that in the end he deserved to die with his enemies. Okay, premise accepted. If Trump actually did all those things he says (or actually, his minions say) that he will do and then, if he died suddenly before he could do any more harm, then I might accept the Samson analogy and, who know, it might be for the best. Unfortunately, God hasn't promised He would kill Trump before he does any serious damage.

Remember, not so long someone else promised to do all these good things and make his country great again. He was a vegetarian, lied constantly, had a weird thing going with women and he had a weird comb-over and an odd mustache.  HE did die in the end, but not before he took a couple of hundred million or so people with him - AND we had to use the Russians
to scare him badly enough so that he finally killed himself.*

Here's the "other guy" in his suit of armor!
That sounds more likely what might happen to Trump, if we're lucky. I'm not so sure God will be nearly as patient with us humans this time if we put another wicked megalomaniac up for leader of the world job. We may be on our own this time.

Just sayin'

© by Tom King
* Of course, Hitler killed off millions of Jews, Gypsies and anti-socialists, so if you believe that's a good thing, perhaps you'll like what Donald Trump does to the Mexicans, Muslims and Jews. If his alt-right supporters are any indication, we might get a repeat performance. After all, Hitler said he was going to deport the Jews in 1933. The clever idea about poison gas and concentration camps came later when the whole deportation idea didn't work.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Is Trump Like King David?

New Trump Defense Talking Point:
  • King David committed adultery and he was a good leader, therefore Trump can be a good leader so vote for him anyway.
Here we go with another false analogy. The comparison of Donald Trump to King David is entirely specious. David's adultery was a single event. Trump is a serial adulterer, groper and disrespecter of women. When David sinned, God called him on it and punished him severely; probably more than he would have others of his children, BECAUSE David was the king. God always chastises those he chooses as leaders for their sins. Moses lost the promised land because he lost his temper and struck a rock. Adam and Eve got kicked out of the garden. Jonah wound up inside a big fish.

Next look at David's response when called on his sins.  The prophet Nathan showed up at the palace and publicly called the King on his infidelity and murder of his friend. David admitted his sin and submitted himself to God's judgment. That's the difference between King David and King Trump. Trump brags about his sins till he gets caught and then does whatever he thinks will get him out of trouble with the least effort. In the same situation as David, Trump would have had his foundation send over a nice donation to the temple and then covered it up. Trump doesn't ever need forgiveness from God he says. He doesn't think he ever does anything really wrong and if there's a problem, he just "takes care of it" - usually he pays someone off with someone else's money.

I don't think there is any fair comparison between the two.  David was a leader. He publicly owned up to his sins. Trump is the Godfather. He is exempt from sin because he's a celebrity. Big difference. I don't see how anyone can support Trump or his female doppelganger, Hillary Clinton either. Both are living, breathing examples of how rotten the leadership of this country has become. America needs a flush lever installed on it. The whole thing is full of crap!

© 2016 by Tom King