Monday, May 13, 2013

To My Well-Meaning Lib Friends

 (Libertarian and Liberal)

Prohibition did not make gangsters. They were already there long before prohibition. They were called outlaws and they just shot you in the face and took your money instead of selling you something illegal. Bad guys always find something to do that's illegal - alcohol, drugs, gambling, banks.  If poodles were illegal and expensive, crooks would be running black market poodle smuggling rings. There are always going to be crooks. Nobody makes them be crooks. They choose to be crooks. Crooks always find something to be crooked about. And actually the stuff about Prohibition being a failure is not true.  It's common knowledge that is simply false. Prohibition helped our culture reset. Before prohibition, heavy alcohol use was widely accepted in our culture. It took a generation of children being raised without a whiskey bottle on the breakfast table to break the self-destructive cycle of alcohol abuse.

And yes, Al Quaeda is run by Muslim fanatics, not by the CIA.  The CIA isn't that well-organized.

And if it's our right to smoke pot, take drugs and consume whatever we want to as you say, then will you people please shut up about aspartame, McDonald's hamburgers, statin drugs, pain pills and anything else you keep sending me to "reveal the truth" to me about whatever it is you think is poisoning us!

If you can smoke pot, I should be able to dang well drink a diet soda in peace!

(c) 2013


Anonymous said...

No one is trying to throw you in jail for drinking a diet soda or eating a hamburger so this comparison really is laughable. You are free to consume whatever you want and live with the consequences of your actions. The same principle should apply to our approach on drugs. No victim, no crime.

Those of of us that are actually interested in living a healthy vibrant life will continue to share information about the dangers of these food additives that are causing so many health problems. What you do with that information is completely up to you.

Anonymous said...

Same argument that was made before prohibition. Next it will be food additives and red meat.

Tom King said...

Hey, I'm all about living a healthy vibrant life.What I object to is targeted hysteria. A lot of the hysteria about this substance or that drug is partly generated by a structured campaign of disinformation by the church of Scientology. The Scientology cult has its members put out all this misinformation about things like aspartame. Once they have the pressure up, they start filing nuisance suits against the manufacturers. The manufacturers find it is easier to pay a settlement than fight this nonsense and they write a check. Scientology leaders pat their minions on their collective heads and buy themselves a new sailboat. It's a racket designed to suck in the gullible and the folk who border on nervous hysteria all the time.