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Oh Those Crazy Libs.....

(c) 2013 by Tom King

This man thinks you're all stupid and ought to be gassed.  George Bernard Shaw Irish playwright & socialist
This man thinks you're all stupid
and ought to be gassed.
George Bernard Shaw
Irish playwright & socialist

Libertarians are now getting the same treatment that Tea Party Conservatives have been getting since they first got themselves semi-organized.  Deliberate efforts are underway to infiltrate and discredit the "low information" folk within our ranks and to encourage them to support things that, if proposed by a liberal would elicit cries of opposition from conservatives.  Instead we have holier-than-thou right wing radicals haranguing us with ideas that fall right into the progressive socialism strategy and making us feel downright unrighteousness for not really believing what they blithely call THE TRUTH.

The radical is spending a lot of time these days, apparently fighting for causes once associated with the hippie left of the 60s using the same tactics - pot-fueled protests, getting themselves arrested, calling for resistance to "the man" and yet their message bears a striking congruity to the methods suggested by the evil and arrogant little progressive socialist in the picture above.  Some of the things needed to bring about the true liberation of man proposed by Shaw, HG Wells and their ilk, are embedded in the new radical conservatism of the Ron Paul libertarian crowd.  Not all of these ideas are strictly Dr. Paul's ideas. Many have been duct taped onto the Ron Paul message by passing lunatics. The good doctor has avoided disavowing them so for sake of argument, I will assume that a good share of the RP wing agrees with these messages.

For instance:
  1. Pro-drug legalization - Couched in phrases like "the government has no right to..." and "Think of the boost to the economy...." and "....a waste of taxpayer money", this issue opens the door for one of the techniques that large elitist governments use for crowd control. The Romans called it "bread and circuses". Aldous Huxley, in his dystopian fantasy "Brave New World", described the drugging of troublesome populations with "Soma" a pacifying recreational drug used to keep "the people" happy and oblivious. The Egyptians gave the slaves who worked on the pyramids beer for lunch and in place of water, trading a small loss in efficiency for better compliance from the beer-soaked rock-draggers. Drug-soaked citizens are much less likely to rebel.  The Ron Paul wing has taken up the cry to end the drug war and decriminalize recreational drugs. Can you say, "Baaaaaaaaah?"
  2. Anti-modern medicine -  I've been assaulted lately with anti "Big Pharma", anti-physician posts that
    basically accuse drug companies, doctors and all of our American healthcare system of poisoning us for profit.  It's couched in conspiracy theory phraseology and encourages distrust of free market medicine.  It basically undermines any confidence in the free market system  What is ironic is that this is exactly what the Obamacare supporters want you to believe - capitalism is inevitably bad, all the while doing their best to diddle with capitalism to the point that it's not capitalism anymore.  When it falls, capitalism will get the blame. Meanwhile, supposedly pro-free market capitalism conservatives blame evil corporations and greedy doctors for high healthcare costs and say that profit-makers can't be trusted with your healthcare.  So who then?  The government is currently hiring legions of kindly government bureaucrats to take care of your health care for you.  "Can you say, Death Panels?"
  3. Isolationism - The idea that the imperialistic policies of the United States were the entire cause behind the "fact" that people of the world do not love us was actively put forward by Ron Paul and his
    Dr. Paul seems reluctant to distance
    himself even from the wilder conspiracy
    theories his followers espouse.
    libertarianish followers in the last presidential campaign.  Thinly disguised isolationist ideas called for the US to abandon the outside world, shrink our forces and take shelter behind our borders where nobody would be crazy enough to attack us.  This step would be the first thing progressive socialists would absolutely have to pull off in order to shift world power into the hands of an international governing body.  The US would go "turtle" till such time as the remainder of the world could organize and arm itself to subdue what was once the last superpower on Earth. Meanwhile people are crawling over out borders to get here.  Tell me America isn't loved. America may be hated by the elitist folk who lead collapsing socialist countries and dictatorships, but regular folk who want freedom and liberty love the very idea of America and will do anything to get here and join up.
  4. Conspiracy Theories - The radical right libertarians show a remarkable propensity for swallowing
    Adam Kokesh - Liberal plant
    conspiracy theories whole hog without any apparent skepticism for the theories and "information" that surprisingly, exactly fit their increasingly goofy worldview. The more outlandish the latest "plot" the better.  Their own political allies are in no wise safe from their holier-than-thou barbs. It is said that Satan defeats the children of God by sewing confusion in their ranks, turning one against the other and drawing their attention away from their sacred purpose. The technique seems to have been borrowed.  Lenin used it. Goebbels used it. Stalin used it. Mao used it. All the great leaders of the past century who brought "hope and change" to their people used confusion as a way to weaken their opposition - just before turning them into slaves.
  5. End the Federal Reserve -  Now here's one the progressives are going to really find a lot they can agree with the Paulistas.  Progressives don't mind if you abolish the Federal Reserve System.  After all, when you are trying to collapse capitalism, you must first administer a nasty shock to the system. And who needs some pesky monetary system anyway when what you're really working toward is collapsing the whole free market system and going full monty socialist. It'll be a lot easier to do without the Fed getting in the way of the Obomanists.
  6. The Tone of the Elitist -  Finally notice the tone of these kinds of missives.  They possess a conscious sense of superiority. They don't bother to discuss issues with you.  If you disagree they hurl abuse at you, bombard you with cut and paste stuff that they all pass around to reassure themselves that they are smarter than you.  If you don't go, "Yeah, man, you are so right!" it's because you are a stupid sheep.  Which is kind of confusing because if I was a sheep, wouldn't I just immediately agree with what they are telling me and not bother to check out the information they just took the trouble to cut and paste into my comments box?  Progressive socialism arose out of a need by the would-be ruling elites of the late 19th century who had just lost their power with the rise of the United States, whose Declaration of Independence had the audacity to suggest that all men were created equal. Fortunately, Darwin came along to lend credibility to the idea that some men were by birth better and smarter than others and they invented the idea of eugenics and population management by an elite leader class and "Bob's your uncle" they were back on the road to reestablishing the nobility.  And now they've duped the radical right into supporting that idea, if not the people who stand most to gain from the idea.  There's where there's going to be a rude awakening.

But it's the whole idea that there are groups of really smart people that can manage to orchestrate plans on such a vast scale as the supposed 9/11 truther conspiracy, that the libs (libertarian and liberal) want sold to conservatives.  It's a central tenant of progressive socialism that a special group of people can be smart enough to fix things so that everyone is made contented and is fed properly and kept safe. The Ron Paul libertarians have been systematically led to think they ARE that special group. If the premise is true, then a secret cabal of smart guys CAN, in fact, run the whole world and do so effectively.  Once this idea is settled as the "well-everybody-knows" kind of truth, then the contest becomes one of "Which group of smart guys do you want running things?"  Never mind that the whole premise behind the ruling elite brand of socialism is false.

The genius of what the left is doing is that while getting the radical right to sell their big ideas, they are also making them look like a bunch of nut cases.  Then, when the public chooses what smart guys it wants to lead them, they'll naturally turn away from the nutcases and embrace the kindly progressive socialists.  Game. Set. Match.

At least that's what I think the left is hoping for. Watch the posts from these guys - you know who they are.  Ask yourself, "How could the big-government, progressive socialists use this to prepare us all for the coming of Big Brother?  It'll send chills up your spine to realize just how many socialist ideas you already have accepted as truth without really realizing it.

So crank up the hookah, grab you some of that free health care and watch a nation weakened and surrounded overwhelmed by a world united and determined to rule us, that hates us still even though we left them alone to their own devices.  Once we are safely ruled by people who (we truly believe) think just like us, then who needs liberty.  We have pot!


Tom King (c) 2013

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