Thursday, May 9, 2013

Like We Need Another "Ist"....

The man who sits in the oval office is a progressivist, a socialist and a collectivist. He is a Marxist, an elitist and a unilateralist. The only ist he "istn't" is a free market capitalist. For the foundation principle behind the great wealth and security we enjoy today, he has mostly contempt. save for his profound appreciation for the fruits of that principle.  He looks upon the wealth of America with the same gleam in his eye that mythical dragons had for gold and treasure just waiting to be plundered.  He and his fellow dragons have set themselves the task of looting our children's future in order to change America into a pale shadow of a failed ideology that angry leftists cling to as a child clings to candy and sweets all the while rejecting the whole idea of learning to eat their vegetables. (And he throws like a girl).

 Tom King  (c) 2013

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