Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Insane March on Washington (With Loaded Guns)

Veterans for Ron Paul Activist Leads Suicidal False Flag March on Washington

Tea Party my foot..... This man's a troll
squatting under the bridge squeezing
tolls out of others using fear tactics
You may have heard about a protest scheduled for July 4 in which thousands of armed Americans plan to march across the Memorial Bridge into Washington.  The idea is to carry loaded weapons into downtown Washington, march around the Capitol, the White House and a bunch of other government buildings and then supposedly march back out the way they came.  Of course, this won't happen the way it's planned.  Of course there will be a huge military and police presence and of course there will be lots of arrests.  The prison terms could be extensive and the fines could destroy anyone arrested. If they are not careful, some fok could be shot and even killed.  Not only that, but the man leading the march is a fake with a long history as a liberal Marxist radical working with liberal Marxist groups.  He's even asked President Obama to support the march. Talk about a false flag operation, this one is the mother of all false flag ops.

Michelle Malkin published a piece on Adam Kokesh the self-proclaimed "libertarian anarchist" who is organizing the march.  Even his Wikipedia entry gives you some insight into his activities with Marxist groups and the Wikipedia entry has been white-washed as much as Adam and his supporters could manage. The Washington Post says Code Pink will be at the bridge to offer "hugs" to protestors o "counter the pro-gun message of the marchers. Interesting action by Code Pink since they have a history of working with Adam Kokesh in the past.   Kokesh also helped organize the radical Iraq Veterans Against the War group and (insert Claud Rains quote here - "I'm shocked, shocked!") he helped organize "Veterans for Ron Paul".  That poor man never had a chance at the presidency.  He attracts lunatics like a magnet attracts iron filings.

This "March" is nothing more than an attempt to discredit pro-second amendment Americans. The man's a troll on steroids. Marching on Washington with loaded guns is an incredibly bad idea. If you really WANT a gun ban, the thing you do is you show up at the Capitol where the lawmakers sit with several thousand lunatics with loaded guns.  Want to really protest.  Show up on the far side of the bridge with signs that say - "We are the Tea Party - You don't represent us".

Personally I support a gun ban in Washington, DC. The city has the highest concentration of Democrats of anywhere in the country. I maintain that, with all those liberals packed together in one place, they should not be allowed to carry or even possess firearms. 

They'll shoot their eyes out!

Tom King (c) 2013

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