Thursday, May 16, 2013

Picking on Rubio

Why Conservatives Can Be Their Own Worst Enemies.
(c) 2013 by Tom King

Rubio offers a solution - let the paranoia begin!
The redneck right has turned on Marco Rubio.  Let's not confuse these guys with Tea Party conservatives.  They come to the events, but these guys occupy the seamier corners of the Tea Party movement and once in a while we have to show them the gate to get their attention.

Their latest target is Tea Party supported Senator Marco Rubio.  His efforts to create a workable immigration bill have put him in the dog house with the wingnut libertarian/conservative far right crowd - you know the ones that skirt the edges of racism in public. "Some of my best friends are......" some of them say when I know for a fact that they have not one friend who sits across or even astride the racial divide and that privately they use colorful descriptive words when referring to anyone outside their narrow slice of the culture.

The problem is that these guys draw too many well-meaning conservatives into their web of conspiracy theories, paranoia and pseudo-patriotism.  They've turned on Rubio because he has dared to suggest a tough, but fair path to citizenship for illegal immigrants already in the states.

This isn't like the one the Democrats created back in the 80s that promised, but never delivered, border control and merely served as a magnet for attracting more illegals to come to America to work on farms and in factories belonging to Democrat (and even Republican) campaign donors.  The Rubio plan makes it tough to win citizenship for anyone who came here illegally.  They have to learn English, work, pay taxes, pass the citizenship exam and wait a couple of decades to get their papers.  This all comes after the border gets slammed shut and hard.

The redneck right (and I can call them that since I possess my own deeply redneck roots) has freaked out because there is ANY citizenship provision at all.  Their solution is a giant roundup with train loads of shivering women and children being shipped wholesale to the Mexican border and pushed across it back into a country festering with crime, drug wars, disease and poverty.  It's pretty cold-blooded if you ask me and it has not a prayer of being supported by a single practicing Christian in a nation whose principles were built on the Golden Rule.  This is something communists would do, not Southern Baptists, Catholics, Methodists, Presbyterians and Adventists. Anyone who says he is a Christian and supports a modern-day "Trail of Tears" that would result from mass deportations is a Christian In Name Only (CINO).  I think that's what I'll call them from now on - CINOs.  It's a good description.

They are exaggerating the issue first of all. The crap going around about it being cheaper to deport all illegals is just that. We'd lose a workforce we can't afford to lose, leaving gaps we don't have workers enough to fill. If I'd ever heard one of these self-righteous prigs complain because he couldn't get a job plucking chickens in the Tyson's plant or picking the thorns off roses in 105 degree heat and 100%  humidity under an East Texas sun, I'd be a bit more sympathetic. It all smacks of self-righteousness and "good Meskin" style racism to me.

If you turn on Marco Rubio, the man leading the charge in the senate against creeping socialism, for offering to allow people already here to become citizens after a whole lot more hard work than most of the people bitching about it are willing to do, then maybe the whole thing does have something of a racist element to it.  I never expected it of some of my conservative friends, but there it is.  People did the same thing to the Irish, the Italians, the Chinese, the Japanese, the Vietnamese, the Poles and virtually every immigrant group that's ever fled their miserable countries and come to America.  There have always been some Americans who were terrified of strangers and were responsible for a lot of shameful chapters in our history.  The attitude this time is even worse because the immigrants live just across our borders.  We've seized on the whole "ship 'em back" idea this time and it has been as much a part of the mess as has the government's protection of their cronies' source of cheap labor. 

Because we haven't dealt with it, we've created tens of millions of slaves who can be treated badly, housed in company colonias, paid starvation wages denied any ability to escape their poverty. Too many politicians have protected this vile trade in human flesh in exchange for campaign contributions.  It's time conservatives said "ENOUGH"! 

The Republican party is the party of emancipation.  We've finally sent a senator to Washington who is an emancipator and as conservatives, we should be foursquare behind him.  Period. Americans at large are not a people capable of mass cruelty.  We have some who would gladly drive the deportation trains to the border, oblivious to the human suffering that would cause.  Most Americans will never support uprooting people who have become their neighbors and friends and tossing them back into poverty and the middle of a massive drug war. The thing is most of us don't blame them for swimming the Rio Grande to get away from Mexico. You wouldn't catch me going down there for any reason.

Rubios plan gets some justice going and gets taxes into the system and prevents liberal industrialists from making defacto slaves out of illegals that they lured here in the first place. And it closes the border hard - and does it before anything else. If the border isn't closed, none of the rest of it happens.

You want to deport somebody, how about deporting the guys who hate being Americans and want to turn our nation into some European socialist/Marxist worker's paradise. How about let's deport THEM to Mexico and keep the hard-working Mexicans who risked their lives trying to get here. Them we can use! We share a lot of values with the immigrants who came here from Central and South America. They believe in hard work, family values and they're pro-life to boot. 

What are we complaining about? If we bring them out in the open, then they will start working legally, make a decent living, start businesses and become Republicans! I've never met an illegal immigrant that expected a handout. That all happened to keep the compliant so they couldn't escape from their slave jobs.
I think it's about time we lifted us up some huddled masses yearning to be free and once again raised that lamp "beside the golden shore."  Heck, we've stolen the smartest, most hard-working people from every civilized and uncivilized nation on the planet that way.  A few more won't kill us and if we make them citizens, the welfare sugar-daddies will quickly lose their power over a people from a culture that prizes family, hard work and faith.  They're already half Republican.

I think Rubio's plan is scathingly brilliant, myself.  If we did it right and started recruiting former illegals into the Republican party, the threat of 40 to 50 million new conservatives would send the Dems running pell-mell for the border to slam it shut so hard you'd hear the thud all the way up here in Puyallup.

I'm just saying.

Tom King

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