Monday, May 27, 2013

Adam Kokesh Suckers the Ron Paul Fringe

Do NOT free Adam Kokesh!
  • The man is a pro-leftist plant, whose purpose appears to be to spread disruption, confusion and chaos in the ranks of conservatives.

  • He has a long history of working with leftist groups, but gets a pass from the fringe right because he "organized" Veterans for Ron Paul and he's pro-pot. 
  • He deliberately provoked cops at a pot-rally recently and did a Lewinsky/Yugoslavia shuffle to get himself "arrested" to distract from the growing awareness among conservatives of his progressive socialist roots. Now the Paulistas have started a "Free Adam Kokesh" movement on the web.
  • Kokesh uses classic Alinsky/Leninist tactics - tell the lie, shout down anyone who objects, belittle opponents, repeat the lie.
  • He is organizing the insane armed march on Washington in July in covert cooperation with Marxist groups like Code Pink for the express purpose (in my opinion) of getting enough people killed to provoke massive gun control legislation.

I say, "Keep Adam Kokesh Locked UP!"

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Anonymous said...

It's obvious from your post that you have no idea what philosophy Adam actually advocates. He is a voluntaryist or anarchist. He believes that all human interaction should be voluntary. This obviously implies that he could not be communist or socialist or fascist as those systems all rely on a state to exist, since he is an anarchist, he is opposed to the very existence of the state.

The state is a violation of the non-agression principle, the foundation of libetarian/voluntaryist/anarhcist principles. The state exists through theft(taxation, fines, etc), violence(the state is a monopoly of violence, a criminal gang writ large no different than any other gang of criminals except that they have the illusion of authority) and coercion(threat of force).

Actually learn about what you speaking about before you open your idiotic and ignorant mouth to spout untruths and lies.

You have along way to go before you understand what liberty means and what freedom actually is.

Anonymous said...

I apologize for calling you idiotic and ignorant, my emotions got the better of me. It's is just disheartening to see so many people who call themselves freedom fighters or liberty lovers who bash Adam but have no idea what he says or what TRUE(not conservative) libertarianism is. True libertarianism is the non-agression principle and property rights. True libertarianism is consistent, you can apply it to ALL questions to determine the morality of that action. For example, a libertarian or Anarchist/Anarcho-capitalist or Voluntaryist(they all mean the same thing) would view all government action as immoral. Every lightbulb, every brick, every piece of paper, badge and uniform the state owns was paid for in money extorted from people with threat of violence. Also we would view all man made law as immoral and illegitimate. Consider a seatbelt ticket. If your driving down the road minding your own business not harming anyone, agents of a criminal gang can stop you and issue you a ransom note(ticket). If you dont pay they can send thugs to kidnap you, if you resist the gang can kill you. Who did you hurt? Where is the victim? Every law is enforced at the barrel of a gun, it is hidden behind fines and nasty letters but eventually it comes out. They are prepared to kill you for a speeding ticket, seriously. Men with guns will kill you if you resist.

In an anarcho-capitalist or voluntaryist society, the only laws would be natural law; don't hit, don't steal, don't kill, don't rape, etc. In other words, real crimes that have a victim. In truth, drug use, tax evasion or breaking one of the millions of illegitimate man made written on paper laws is not a crime because there is no victim. Libertarianism means that you may do whatever you want so long as you don't harm someone else.

We also believe in the free market. We believe that the market can do all the things we think we need government for. For example, in detroit, private police agencies are replacing detroit police and are so successful they are able to provide free protection to those who cannot afford it. All of this without pointing guns at peoples heads to pay for it, in other words, it's a moral system.

This company is providing services to people who want it, not forcing people to do business with them. Consider also that when you have a monopoly, you get no service and no value for your money. If joe shmo's police force was the only police force and you were forced to do business with them, do you think they would give you good service? Hell no, so why do you think you will get anything resembling service from a government monopoly of a particular service? We know the market can replace government and remove force, fraud and coercion from organized society. we believe order is natural, the state is unnatural. We truly love our brothers and sisters because we don't want to use the state to immoraly FORCE our will upon them, imprisoning them for victimless crimes or violating one of the millions of man made laws. We dont want to use the violent system of voting to use the state to steal from others to get what we want. You see, voting is immoral unless done in self defense. When you vote you are supporting a system wherein a majority of voters(not a majority of the population since only a small portion of the population actually votes) use violence to force their will upon the minority and in fact sustain themselves through this system by living off it.

We are not constitutionalists since we never signed that contract, it changes therefore by nature it is an illegitimate contract, it is immoral since it legalizes theft and government monopolies and it allowed for the creation of a federal empire. It has either allowed the creation of a federal empire or been powerless to stop it, either way it is unfit to rule.

Anonymous said...

I would also add that you call yourself a religious man, if you believe that man has the power to create law(government) then you are subverting the will of god. You are kicking god off the throne and putting man on it. As an atheist i do not believe, but i believe law is natural, you may believe it is from god. Either way, if you believe in the state than your real religion is statism not christianity.

Voluntaryism/Anarchism/Libertarianism is the future, take the time to learn what it is. I recommend; Freedom Feens podcast, larken rose youtube, free talk live, bad quaker, adam vs the man, stefan molyneux, etc.

As anarchists, we acknowledge a natural role for leadership in society. All we are saying is noone should be forced to have a leader or a submit to a state under threat, leadership should be voluntary and given a free market it will be natural and voluntary.

Search for: stefan molyneux - the history of your enslavement

Search for: larken rose youtube and watch his videos

Take the time to learn what Adam actually advocates-which is true freedom and liberty.

Anonymous said...

I guess you would call me a crazy Leftie.. I am in the the UK and lean towards a controlled capitalism without all the FREAKING bullshit we get from the bailout of the banks.. BUT I think adam kokesh is a massive cock.
I just wanted to share that..

Anonymous said...

oh boy. some people waste so much good oxygen being stupid.

kokesh is a jew! even wikipedia knows! realise what that means or don't!


Anonymous said...

I know Adam personally. Now, I haven't known him for long, but I tell u this..his persona on the radio is a little diff than the one I met in person. He is one of the sweetest men I have ever met & trust me, it's not cuz he's like tryn to get with me or anything. On top of that Im visiting cali in july and I told him I was and he invited me openly to his studio. Now, if he was a plant or not an honest libertarian I don't think he would have even taken the time to acknowledge my email and be cool w/that, especially since Im not giving him money or anything. so, until he appears to be any different..Im gng to go on his words and actions...thank u

Tom King said...

Wow, I pushed someone's buttons! Look, anarcho-libertarianism would be all well and good if human beings were inherently good. It's odd how the far left and the far right have run in opposite directions so far that they've circled the Earth and run into each other on the backside of it. That's how leftists like Kokesh can jump from fringe left to fringe right so easily. I objected to his release because he was planning a provacative march with guns into Washington DC, apparently designed to get himself a few martyrs for the cause. I think it was all mostly to get Adam some street cred with anarchists and extreme libertarians. I am a person of faith. I believe only God has the capacity to manage things successfully in a universe as complex as this one. Human government is always hopelessly corrupt, some governments more than others. The US Constitution is a rough compromise between anarchy and iron rule, designed to preserve the peace and freedom of our people while giving our elected leaders the power to defend us from those who would enslave us. The thing that constantly amazes me is the hard left and hard right's insistence that nobody out there wants to bother us. The ancient Germanic, Gallic and Roman peoples weren't bothering Russia, but that didn't stop Ghengis Khan and his hordes from riding down on the villages and farms of Europe and slaughtering everyone with impunity. All it took was an evil leader. The kind of government you are talking about up there, anonymous is only possible in an Earth made new. But first, evil man will utterly burn down civilization and leave the planet a scorched wasteland. I believe God will take home those who so hate the tyranny of power that we will never want to seek it for ourselves again. Pare it down to those people, plant them on a restored and pristine Earth and you've got a human civilization that just might work like you envision.