Thursday, March 17, 2016

Is the "Trump is Hitler" Meme Fair?

Trump lovers keep busting my chops for comparing the one and only true Messiah, Donald Trump, to Adolph Hitler. They say this is just another meme by a Trump hater.  First off I find the use of the liberal meme "hater" more than a little interesting.  The second interesting thing is that the Donald and his minions use memes more effectively than probably any political candidate since you-know-who. Thirdly, it's not a meme. It's an observation based on some scary parallels between Trump in 2016 and Hitler in 1933. Someone challenged me to say why I believe Trump is like Hitler. Okay, here goes: 
  • Hitler motto: "Make Germany Great Again"
  • Trump motto: "Make America Great Again."
  • Hitler's problem race: The Jews
  • Trump's problem race: The Muslims and he's previously said anti-Israel things
  • Hitler's solution 1: Mass deportations - Solution 2 death camps
  • Trump's solution 1: Mass deportations - Solution 2 kill the families of terrorists
  • Hitler's supporters: Angry Germans
  • Trump's supporters: Angry Americans
  • Hitler's context: 10 years of economic woes under the Weimar Republic and it's vascillating legislature
  • Trump's context: 9 years of economic failure under Democrat policies and a vascillating Republican Congress
  • Hitler - Told the people what they wanted to hear and then did whatever he wanted (he was beholden to none but himself).
  • Trump - Tells the people what they want to hear and promises to be "beholden to none"
  • Hitler: Changed his policies and beliefs at will
  • Trump: Reserves the right to change his policies and beliefs at will
  • Hitler - Encouraged his Brownshirts to commit violence against his opponents.
  • Trump - Encourages his followers to rough up protesters and promises to defend them in court.
  • Hitler - Opposed communism while espousing socialist notions (claimed he had a better brand of Marxism
  • Trump - Opposes the Democratic socialism of Sanders and Clinton (claims his brand of socialist style government programs will work better)
  • Hitler - Ran against socialist/communists
  • Trump - Running against socialism/communism
  • Hitler - Ordered his military to commit war crimes
  • Trump - Says the military WILL obey his orders to commit war crimes
  • Hitler - Promised to protect the Christian Religion, then turned on them if they didn't fall in line later.
  • Trump - Promises to protect Christianity - we'll see how that works out if Christians cross him
  • Hitler - Claimed he was a Christian despite evidence to the contrary
  • Trump - Claims to be a Christian despite serial adulteries, owning a strip club, casinos and conning old people on shady Mexican land deals
  • Hitler - Charismatic demagogue
  • Trump - Charismatic demagogue
  • HItler - Whipped crowds into a frenzy
  • Trump - Whips crowds into a frenzy
  • Hitler - Manipulated the press to support his goals, punished newspapers and radio stations that did not fall in line with the party line
  • Trump - Manipulates the press for billions in free air time, punishes Fox News for asking him difficult questions
  • Hitler - Turned on friends who got too much power
  • Trump - Turns on business partners who threaten to become too powerful
  • Hitler - Punished those who opposed him
  • Trump - Will sue his enemies at the drop of a hat - financially buries them if possible
  • Hitler - Made deals to consolidate his power. Made deals with England to stave off war and then ignored them to get what he wanted. Had a history of screwing people he made deals with.
  • Trump - Says he will make deals with our enemies - "They'll totally take my calls." Has a history of screwing business partners who had deals with him.
  • Hitler - Lots of incendiary rhetoric against "enemies" of Germany
  • Trump - Lots of incendiary rhetoric against "enemies" of America
  • Hitler - Said one thing; did another if it's expedient.
  • Trump - Says one thing; reserves the right to do another if it's expedient.
  • Hitler - Lies about his opponents to achieve political gains. Accepted the support of those who submitted.
  • Trump - Lies about his opponents and calls it "just politics" and "necessary" (Carson, Christie, Rubio, Cruz, Kasich, Bush, et al). Welcomes them in if they fall in line.
“The doom of a nation can be averted only by a storm
of flowing passion, but only those who are passionate
themselves can arouse passion in others.” - A. Hitler
I just see too many parallels between the two and practically no evidence that Donald Trump will be any different than the Fuehrer. I don't believe he'll do what he said he would do if it turns out not to be to his own benefit and plenty of evidence that he'll do the opposite of what he says because what he considers anything he said before was "...just part of the deal-making process."

Power attracts the corruptible like a bloody great magnet and really, when you think about it, do you know of anyone as corrupt as Donald Trump who has been or would be made a better man by giving him the most powerful position in the world? I certainly can't call anyone to mind.

It's the 1933 playbook all over and is it just me or do Trump's supporters spend a lot of time covering up his sins and explaining how bad things about Trump "don't really matter".  It reminds me of the way people explained away the sins of the old Kings and Queens and Emperors as thought they get to live by a different standard than the rest of us.  Donald is pro-abortion, but now he's sort of not and the very people who used to howl about the slightest hint that someone was pro-abortion don't have a problem with the Donald's history on the subject. He says he's a Christian who doesn't need forgiveness; he just makes deals with God to fix it. What Christian would accept that behavior standard in a deacon, much less the pastor? Trump calls on God's name when he's looking to capture the evangelical vote, but I'd be willing to bet that Bible he held up during one memorable speech had "Property of The Gideons" printed on the inside cover.

Oh and let's not forget that his wife will be the first First Lady in history to have nude posters of herself available on the Internet.

Oh, Donald Trump is a winner alright. And he promises us we're going to get downright sick of winning when he's president. But do we really want to win on his terms and lose our souls (not to mention our liberties)in the process? I know that would certainly make me sick.

I know people are getting sick of it and that it's not very effective to compare Donald to Hitler because it's been done to death. Ironically, Hitler himself benefited from too much criticism on the part of his opponents. Eventually, people tuned it all out. As the late Harry Nillson said once, "You see what you wanna see and you hear what you wanna hear. Ya dig?"

We are so doomed.

© 2016 by Tom King

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Tom King said...

More than a year after Mr. Trump's election, I am surprised and pleased that he has, for the most part, hewn to a conservative path and for that I am grateful. His administration is in turmoil, but what did we expect from the star of "The Apprentice" when his catch phrase is "You're fired!"

I support the president so far, but follow the old Russian proverb, "Trust but verify!" Reagan taught me that.