Thursday, March 3, 2016

Don't Do It Doctor Carson

A rumor is circulating that Ben Carson is about to endorse Donald Trump. If that happens I am a man without a country. I immediately went on his campaign website and wrote this letter. I encourage you to do the same if you care at all about the integrity of our nation and the message Dr. Carson brought to the campaign.

An Open Letter to Dr. Carson:

DO NOT ENDORSE TRUMP.  That man is a serial adulterer, strip club operator, liar, con man, fraud, racketeer, is pro nationalized healthcare, abortion and a closet socialist. He is Hitler in 1933, Lenin in 1914. He's a racist, a bully and appeals to the worst in people. You, Dr. Carson appeal to the best in people. That was what set you apart from the herd. Tell me they are lying about you again.

If you endorse a monster like Trump, you are betraying everything you said you believed in. I have to believe this is a Trump subterfuge designed to discredit you in advance of your speech on Friday. Please tell me it isn't so.  If they make Trump the nominee, I will leave the Republican party. I was going to write in your name, but if you endorse Trump, you will be part of the problem and not part of the solution.

Stand tall as you have in the past and speak out against the evil that infests the leadership of our nation. PLEASE DO NOT ENDORSE TRUMP. That would be the most discouraging thing next to your withdrawal from the race that could happen this year.

Thank you for your service.
We need you to stand in the breach at this momentous point in history.

Tom & Sheila King

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