Thursday, March 17, 2016

Lying Ted vs Trumptler - Dueling Memes!

Trump's delegate count at the time...............666!
Depending on who you talk to Ted Cruz is a pathological liar and tool of the GOP establishment or Donald Trump is Hitler reincarnate or he's the heroic bane of the GOP establishment. I imagine the GOP's country club Republican establishment is wringing their hands and crying, "What have we done?" And, hey, they brought it on themselves as party leaders do. Remember the Whigs anybody?

I'm going to defend Ted Cruz a little here. "Lying Ted Cruz" is being used as the senator's name now by angry Trump supporters who fear the Texas senator may catch up with their boy and snatch the nomination away from him.  It's amazing how these guys can come up with all these "lies" that Ted Cruz supposedly said (which he didn't if you check them out for yourself)  The Trumpettes distort all sorts of stuff Cruz has said and done and express outrage at stuff that Trump, himself, has supported in the past in many cases and even supports now. 
And yet the minions see no sin in Donald Trump. Why? Because he's rich? Because they don't think he's taking any money from them to fund his campaign. Wow! A freebie champion, right?  Wrong! First off he only gave a paltry 250K to his own campaign. The rest (millions) he's "loaned" to his campaign and can get back with enough interest to cover his cash donations if things go south or if he gets nominated and the donations start rolling in. So in true Trump fashion, everybody else will lose on this deal if it goes bad, but Trump will get it all back with interest. In the meantime, George Soros' attacks on Trump are giving him tons of free publicity (also with a dollar ad value that is far above what Trump has spent and loaned himself and his campaign put together) and pulling together just enough muddle-headed libertarians and disgruntled Rubio supporters to garner Trump the nomination. Why would Soros want to do that? Check the polls. In virtually every one, Trump loses to Hillary and sometimes even Bernie.

Trump is a man who bases his net worth on what he "feels" his brand name is worth (about 7 billion more than Forbes or any other wealth rating organization usually figure).  A consumate BS artist. Stephen Colbert once did a spoof video debate in which Trump argued in video clips against himself - and both Trumps claim they won! He's a serial adulterer, strip club and casino owner and Christian who doesn't ask for forgiveness - he works a deal with God to "take care of it". This is a guy up on racketeering charges (trial should take place during the fall right before the election). I can show you video of Trump lying through his teeth. Even poor old Ben Carson in an interview today said he knew Trump was lying about comparing him to a child molester and saying he (Carson) wasn't very smart, but it that he forgave Trump. It was "just politics", after all and nobody believed it. Don't get me started on how disappointed I was to hear him say that.

How much does Trump have to do before the warning flags go up with these people. Alright, he expresses their anger. So what? Hitler expressed the anger of the German people and they gave him power to "fix it" too.  Literally, Hitler's slogan was, "We Will Make Germany Great Again!"

Sound familiar? Lying Ted? Really? Ted was my senator when I was still in Texas. He has fought for what we elected him to fight for his entire senate career and I've stood up and cheered every time he did it. Ted never lied to the people who elected him. He did what he said he would do.

Goldman Sachs supports Ted Cruz? Well, Ted's wife works there. I suppose they would support one of their outstanding employee's spouse in an important election.  Is that the best you Trumpettes have got. Goldman Sachs supports everybody, donating to both sides on the off-chance someone they support gets elected and GS needs a favor. Why should they donate to Trump.
Trump is himself a shareholder in Goldman Sachs, which means he has a direct financial interest in its success. They will already have a friend in the White House with the Donald.

Do Trump's minions realize that George Soros (yes that George Soros) bailed the Donald out when Trump's Chicago Trump Towers was in financial trouble - to the tune of 160 million dollars! Look at the list of people Donald owes money to.
He has billions in outstanding loans from Capital One, Deutsche Bank, ISB, UBS, and Merrill Lynch - almost every single Wall Street bank you can think of.  You think Donald isn't going to use the presidency to free up a whole lot of debt once us dim bulbs put him in office? Do you think a lying, egomaniac/demagogue is going to become a better person when you give him all that power?

If you trust Trump, then boy do I have a bridge to sell you. It goes right across the Hudson River. Just throw up a toll gate and watch the money roll in. Only $999,999.99. Today only! Guaranteed by Donald Trump University to be a great deal!

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