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States People Don't Want to Move To

This seems to be the reason so many people are leaving California
Fat guys surfing - oh the humanity!

More Liberal Nonsense Disguised as "News"

You see ads on the Internet all the time for articles listing the Top 10 This, the Top 13 That, 8 Most.......whatever. You go there and it's a slow drag through 18 or 20 screens, each with a veritable blizzard of pesky pop-up ads and annoying videos for things you should NEVER eat, Dr. Oz's latest miracle cures and sleazy "dating" sites. These articles are time-consuming and carefully designed to put your eyes on as many advertisements as possible to generate ad revenue for the website.

THEY ARE NOT LEGITIMATE NEWS. Nor, for that matter, are they in any sense accurate. Once in a while I go to one of these sites, just to keep abreast of the genre. I do my own occasional top ten blog on my site "Listing to Starboard" in case the mood strikes me to judge something or someone unfairly by my own personal standards.

So I boot up my computer and catch a title on my home page sidebar that says "Top 13 States No One Wants To Move To Anymore". I smelled a rat. Looking for blog material, I click on the link. Sure enough, most of the states listed were actual liberal hell holes like California, New York, Illinois and Michigan, but in the interest of fairness, it seems they also included several popular conservative bastions like Arizona, Texas and Florida in the list. For good measure they included Georgia, and Mississippi in the batch, apparently because Georgia is getting too crowded and Mississippians are a bunch of racially prejudiced rednecks.  Now they don't actually use any statistics, relying on breezy "facts", in Arizona's case, where they cite the state's "anti-immigrant laws" as a reason why "people" (whoever they are) don't want to move there. Apparently attempting to stem the tide of drug runners, terrorists and assorted illegal aliens pouring over it's borders somehow makes Arizona unattractive to college graduates who may worry that bong supplies may be difficult to obtain in such a repressive environment.

My favorite "reason" no one wants to move somewhere is the one they give for "Texas". The author admits Texas is in the midst of a population boom, attracting college graduates and those same illegal immigrants that Arizona insists on passing laws to keep out. But apparently Texas "tops the charts" as the "least desirable place to move" so the article confidently predicts Texas will soon experience a "drop off". They don't say what these "charts" are or where to find them, but we can trust them. After all, they are Laughably, they later cite the attractiveness of hipster places like Austin, (which happens to be the capital of Texas) as one of the reasons these mythical "people" don't move to New York where high cost of living, traffic, trash and noise has reduced the "quality" of life. They don't mention New York's ludicrously high tax rates, high crime rate and growing number of embarrassing incidents of official corruption in the article.  But then, I suppose, they didn't want to appear too harsh lest New York readers, in a fit of pique, stop clicking on "next". 

Florida's alligators and hurricanes and spring breakers are what are apparently spoiling Florida's attractiveness to "people" (whoever those creatures are). Not that Florida's population is decreasing mind you. Oddly enough the reason that California, the #1 state people don't want to move to, is not explained at all. The author may have hinted at a reason, perhaps, in the picture which illustrates the state - a photo of an overweight, middle-aged surfer (see above). Apparently the beautiful people ain't so beautiful anymore but they still insist on appearing in swimsuits on California beaches. The only excuse in the writeup for California's #1 status is some vague something about California's population growth mysteriously having slowed to a crawl after doing so well for so long. No reason why. No mention of taxes, floods of illegals, high taxes, insane laws, higher taxes, restrictive business climate, more taxes, astronomical cost of living, luxury taxes, and the widening gap between the haves and the have-nots. The have-nots are the "proletariat" for you UC Berkely graduates in case you are confused or too busy packing to move to Austin or Portland to pay attention. There is no mention of the fact that the number one place businesses move to when they leave California is..............Texas!  Sort of a Wagons East proposition. Imagine moving from liberal heaven to conservative hell. It must be terrible for "people" (whoever those are).

You will notice I didn't include a link to the article. I do that because the point of this article is to help you not to waste your time with stuff like this. apparently isn't worried about giving you accurate answers, just a reason to keep clicking "NEXT" and running up someone's advertising bill.

The folk advertising there should know that the bombardment of ads on the site only irritated me and I don't remember a single one of them, so they wasted their money.  Which is why I don't go to those top ten lists.  If you want to go to a top ten list, you can go to mine at Listing to Starboard.  It's not often that I add a new entry and I don't pretend it to be straight news. It's my opinion and mine alone.  That said, my blog also doesn't have a lot of pop-up ads and you will find it difficult to actually open a loud and obnoxious advertisement. And you can comment your head off. So far the Top Ten Hardest Musical Instruments To Play has been the busiest comments-wise.

Just so you know.

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