Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Enemy of my Enemy Ain't Necessarily My Friend

Stalin was Hitler's friend before he was his enemy.
Perhaps FDR should have remembered that.
Someone told me today that the reason I should support Donald Trump is because leftist boogey man, George Soros, was "out to get Trump."  That ought to tell you something, he crowed, as if that proved that Trump was okey-dokey for all conservatives to support.

It does tell me something and again, I didn't sleep through history class so perhaps some of you missed it. The enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. Because Trump is the enemy of George Soros, doesn't mean Trump is my friend. First, George Soros, like Hillary Clinton, has long been friends with the Donald. Soros' company bailed Trump out when he ran into financial trouble building Trump Tower in Chicago. So whatever they're doing, it isn't because Trump and Soros are great enemies. Trump doesn't have enemies. He has current business partners. The public huffing and puffing Donald does is always about free publicity and furthering Trump's goals.

"It's just business," should be tatooed on Trump's butt.

FDR thought he could "handle" Uncle Joe
His arrogance cost us an expensive and
dangerous 40 year long cold war.
 We did the whole enemy of my enemy is my friend thing back in World War II. The Russians were friends at first with Hitler, until Hitler double-crossed them and invaded Russia. Then all of a sudden the Russians were our great friends and we sent them all sorts of weapons. They responded by helping us defeat Hitler and then helping themselves to Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Ukraine, Georgia and the rest of Eastern Europe and engaging us in a long and debilitating Cold War. We also "friended" Mao Tse Tung and he did the same thing once the Japanese were defeated.

A snake is a snake is a snake. You may share a common enemy for a time, but in the end, the snake is still not your friend and may, in fact, be deadlier than your previous enemy.

So no. Attacks on Trump by Soros' minions doesn't make Trump my friend. In fact, it may be designed to make me ignore Trump's many frightening character traits, past behaviors and cringe-inducing political positions in order to:

  • (A) Put a closet socialist - Trump - in the White House or 
  • (B) Cost the Republicans the election by getting them to bunch up behind and nominate an anti-conservative even worse than McCain or Romney ever were and put a closet socialist - Hillary Clinton - in the White House or
  • (C)  Cost the Republicans the election by getting them to bunch up behind and nominate an  anti-conservative even worse than McCain or Romney ever were and put an open socialist - Bernie Sanders - in the White House because Clinton is going to be indicted
Either way it turns out badly for conservative Red State Americans. Deliberate blindness is pretty much incurable, so I know I'm singing to the choir here. I do so in hopes that someone who is leaning toward supporting Donald Trump won't make the truly awful choice of supporting him or (worse) doing as Doctor Carson has done, endorsing him.

Trumpism is a kind of madness - a suspension of disbelief of the sort that is required to enjoy a sci-fi or fantasy movie. You know they are lying to you and none of it is real, but you don't care because the story is so entertaining. It is wondrous the lengths to which Trump supporters will go to continue their own suspension of disbelief. First, they defend and exalt this massive egomaniac, blindly supporting his rise to power and then, they ignore the fact that he is not the sort of person they would choose as a friend or even consider a Christian if he were sitting in the next pew at church. He owns strip clubs for heaven's sake and swindles people on land deals. How can we choose someone like that as a church deacon, much less president of the United States. Have we no standards?

Given that we live in the generation raised in front of the tube, it's little wonder so many of us prefer not to actually have to think about things - even things that count. Better to just sweep along with the herd and watch the entertaining story flash by on the screen. We all like thrillers, but it doesn't seem to occur to anyone that what's going on up there on the screen is real and that we are, in fact, busily doing out best to put a sociopath into the White House.

As I've said before, I'm collecting materials for my end-times bunker.

© 2016 by Tom King

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