Monday, February 22, 2016

Playground Bully for President - 2016

The more I read comments by Trump supporters (especially self-identified "Evangelical" Christians and conservatives) explaining their support of the man, the more I'm convinced it's time to move away from the cities into rural hideaways and start building the old end-of-the-world bunker.  

And I'm not really kidding here.

People who should know better are flocking to get behind a candidate who is essentially a playground bully, hoping he will do for them what they lack the will or access to power to do for themselves. It's sad to watch people who claim to support the Constitution and the Bill of Rights hand the reins of power to a man whose business "experience" is a sickening record of strong-arming competitors, bullying partners and stiffing those who trusted him. Trump has historically been long on hubris and confident promises and short on delivering on those promises (save the promise he made to himself to make himself richer).

I'm sorry, but however much you think Trump will protect us from the ravening hordes of Muslims and Mexicans, that "protection" will come at a price. If you seek safety and protection from a casino and strip club owning shady real estate developer who is up on racketeering charges and has ties to the Mob, you are no better than those who seek peace and safety from a mythical altruistic socialist elite who promise to give you free stuff. Don't forget how it works in the real world for those who pay for safety and protection from powerful thugs.  

First you pay for protection from outside enemies and then you pay for protection from your "protector". As in medieval times when armored feudal barons "protected" groups of serfs and peasants, those who are strong enough to protect you are also strong enough to enslave you. Like Trump, the ancient nobles were "beholden to no one". If that's what you like about Trump, that he's so rich he is beholding to no one, then you should not be at all surprised when, once he is in power, he isn't beholden to you either.

Attack dogs may give a few burglars pause, but if they have no reason to obey you, they make very poor masters. It's like Ronald Reagan and Winston Churchill both said. Depending on appeasing a bully or waiting for someone else to make things go right for you is like feeding the crocodile hoping it will eat you last. 

That doesn't always work so well.

Just sayin'.

Tom King © 2016

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