Wednesday, June 1, 2016

There Are Quislings Among Us

Vidkun Abraham Lauritz Jonssøn Quisling certainly did not intend to add his name to the lexicon of several languages. He certainly didn’t intend to be stood up against a wall and shot. He was just a “conservative” trying to get ahead. He started out okay, organizing famine relief to Russia in the early 20s while working for the Norwegian government. He even attacked leftist office-seekers but failed to garner much support for himself and his party. Then opportunity smiled on Vidkun and the Germans invaded Norway. Quisling made an unsuccessful coup de’ tat attempt in 1940, but the Germans didn’t support him. Instead they made him a puppet head of a puppet government during the Nazi occupation, which satisfied his political ambitions, albeit for a brief time only ending in the afore-mentioned firing squad.

Quisling was notable chiefly for his opportunism, taking the easy path to power when he saw the opportunity. His lackluster career as a Nazi puppet seems to indicate that Vidkun’s heart wasn’t really in it, but like the old saying goes, “any port in a storm” and Quisling quickly tied up at Hitler’s docks. Other, more principled Norwegians opposed the Third Reich. Many lost their lives in what more practical Norwegians like Quisling saw as a losing cause.

Better to be with the winners, right? Today, we have an angry electorate that is tired of feeling like a nation of losers, failures and all around bad people whose president has gone to virtually every nation we’ve been attacked by and defended ourselves from and apologized to them for our actions – actions like feeding their poor, propping up their economies, defending them from enemies. That sort of thing. They're mad and looking for someone to blame.

And along comes a fast-talking “businessman” who claims to be one of them – a true red-blooded, free market capitalist, who knows just what we need to do to fix all their problems and end their shame. We need to throw out all the Mexicans and Muslims and build a wall and make them, not us, pay for it. We have somehow managed to choose a Quisling for ourselves; someone with just enough bluster and swagger to impress the masses and just enough “flexibility” to win over the bully boys on the progressive left. The anti-immigrant rhetoric creates a nice “enemy within” so that the weak-minded can line up behind their bully candidate and demonstrate their anger without risking anything personally. You see they have a bully who is going to “take care of it” for them.

Trump (or as I call him “He Who Must Not Be Elected”) wants to run out all the “Mexicans”. This smarmy New York liberal knows nothing about it. He hasn’t haven't seen the colonias in East Texas like I have. No running water, no sewers, no transportation, living in cardboard shacks. There are a couple of dozen of them and it is shameful that they exist. Nobody really knows they are there. They only see the men lined up on the corner of Beckham and Line Street, waiting to be underpaid for a hard day’s off-the-book manual labor. They haven’t seen the fat cat "businessmen" pontificating about the illegal immigration problem, while getting rich off the labor of those illegals.

It makes me sick to see these guys masquerading as good Republicans or good Democrats (whoever’s on top at the time - they don't care). All the while they keep these people poor and downtrodden and do everything to make sure that if you are an illegal, you have no way to get ahead; only to barely stay alive and keep working for the bosses.  Then, like our current pretender to the throne, they try to hide their sins behind the banner "Christian conservative" while doing precisely what progressives have been doing all along - protecting the wealthy. It’s the same noxious strategy of “managing” the lower classes and keeping them in line.  That's why I call them quislings. They certainly aren't Republicans in the traditional sense.

I got in a lot of trouble with that lot back when I was doing stakeholder initiatives back in East Texas trying to get some kind of fair shake for what was basically a slave labor force for rose growers and chicken processors. The so-called “Christian conservative" bosses were doing exactly what they were doing when they were Democrats before Republicans took over the Texas legislature. They were doing what their Confederate ancestors did. They use the government to protect their "peculiar institution". No matter that it’s little more than legalized enslavement of Mexican refugees.

Personally, I've always thought that if we wanted to cream the Democrats and put an actual free market conservative small government in place, we should become much more vocal advocates against the abuse and mistreatment of Hispanic immigrants. After all, we share their values - their work ethic, their sense of family, anti-abortion beliefs, religious beliefs and desire for opportunity in the free market. If, instead of embracing quisling imitation conservatives as our leaders, we started using the free market and our basic Constitution-guaranteed freedoms to do what is right, I think we could turn immigrants (legal or otherwise) into Republicans, the Democrats would make sure to slam the border shut faster than you can say, "Midnight emergency appropriations bill."

Besides, isn't freeing slaves from their Democrat/Big Government oppressors what the Republican Party was created to do?  And if you, just then, felt a surge of hatred toward illegal immigrants, then you’re probably not a Christian conservative. Jesus asked us to carry the gospel into all the world and specifically we are told to "Set the captives free." If we did that, made a concerted effort ot set free the illegal immigrant population and to make them one with us, you’d see a powerful force injected into the conservative movement – a force that would, with our help, turn and fight the drug cartels, the terrorists and invaders that threaten our country. Because then, to the horror of our Democrat friends, they would become Americans; flag-waving, God-fearing, free market capitalist Americans. They are already predisposed to be with us anyway, given the values they cross the borders with. They were looking to find the land of opportunity. Why not use that? After all, "All’s fair in love and war," they say. 

So why aren't we, for the love of God, using the twin powers of love and liberty to recruit soldiers to fight in our war against oppression and tyranny? Don't think it will work? Well I'm from Texas and I know for certain sure that there were "Mexicans" at both the Alamo and San Jacinto fighting shoulder to shoulder as Texians united. Why not again? Of course, we first must eject the quislings from amongst us. They're not helping us anyway.

Just one man’s opinion.

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Tom King

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