Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Common Sense About Gun Rights Just Ain't So Common

My latest book - Give Guns a Chance
It happens again and again. Someone always posts a list of mass shootings and then rambles off about kids accidentally being shot and how it "just makes sense that if you just got rid of guns, that all these senseless killings would stop. 

Well, they wouldn't. It's never worked before.

First of all virtually all of the mass killings they cite were committed by either kids from liberal families (Democrats), registered Democrats or Muslims.
Perhaps we should ban Democrats and Muslims from owning guns. I could live with that.

The stats on numbers of accidental deaths by guns, for instance, are far outstripped by the numbers of accidental deaths by falls, car wrecks, knives, fire and other such things. Should we ban climbing ladders, driving cars, using kitchen knives, matches or flammable liquids? Should we stop drunk driving by taking the cars away from people who don't drive drunk? After all, a car can kill a lot of people.

No one can debate with liberals, because they already have these self-evident truths of theirs and have ready-made "logical" conclusions based on false assumptions. That said, I'll argue with them anyway. Banning guns will NOT take them away from bad people. Yes, it will reduce the number of deaths by guns, but in every case where it's been tried, the murder rate has risen, not fallen because deaths by stabbing, strangulation, poisoning, bludgeoning, and other such delightful methods have increased to more than compensate for the fewer gun deaths. Part of that is because gun confiscation increases the number of potential easy victims and reduces the risk for criminals and terrorists.

And can you tell me how a 5'2" 120 pound woman can protect herself from a 6'4" 280 pound man intent on raping her? Even if she knows karate or some martial art, she's toast against someone that size who decides to break down her door and come after her. Ask a self defense instructor or mixed martial arts guy. With a gun, the odds are in her favor or at the very least equalized. Guns are the only fighting chance the weak have against the strong and criminal who would attack them.

And peeing on yourself as Liberal Representative Joe Salazar airily suggested would NOT prevent rape. Likely it would only intensify the attack.

Gun ownership was always intended as a bulwark against government overreach. Because a militia is necessary to the public defense, the founders recognized that an army or militia can also be used to coerce the citizenry. A heavily armed citizenry is a lot more difficult to coerce. Will there be accidents? Yes. My brother was accidentally shot in the chest by a friend who was playing with a shotgun. He died. He was 16. That doesn't mean I have a right to attempt to disarm every person in the country. It means, someone's parents should have been supervising them. If they don't care enough to keep their guns safely locked away, why would they take other safety measures? Kids are going to hurt themselves because they don't think about safety. The think they are immortal. Kids are going to jump off roofs with bedsheet parachutes, swim in ponds full of broken glass and shards of steel, and break their necks trying to ride railings on skateboards. That's not about guns. It's about supervision.

A disarmed population is a herd of sheep ready to be loaded into boxcars and carried to the gas ovens. The reason most of the 15 million people slaughtered by the Nazis in WWII didn't resist was because they were disarmed and it never occurred to them that they could resist. Americans think about that because we have a tradition of being armed and prepared to defend ourselves. The second amendment does that.

If you're a proponent of gun control, please check out the book I wrote on the subject. It should answer all those "common sense" questions of yours.

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