Monday, June 27, 2016

BOGUS CONSPIRACY ALERT: UN Armored Vehicles on US Highways

Truckload of made-in-USA UN armored trucks
on Virginia highway being shipped overseas.

Recently a photo of truckloads of UN military vehicles rolling down a Virginia Highway has been posted widely on social media, usually with comments hinting that something nefarious involving the UN was taking place on American soil. Usually something about foreign troops helping Obama confiscate all our guns.

Actually the truth is a whole lot less exciting so far as the Prison Planet/Alex Jones crowd is concerned. It turns out that these armored vehicles are built at the BAE Systems plant in York, PA. From there they are carried on trucks down I-81 to I-77, and then I-95 towards the port of Savannah to be shipped overseas.

And why not? Why wouldn't UN troops want good old American made, heavily armored, gas attack proof, bullet proof, IED resistant trucks to ride around in. No matter where they get sent to, their guns aren't loaded and they are not allowed to shoot back. UN troops with their powder blue, non threatening helmets are the Barney Fifes of peace-keepers.

Only they don't even get to keep that one bullet in their pocket.

Just sayin'

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