Sunday, June 12, 2016

Please Don't Throw The Donald in That Briar Patch!

© the Walt Disney Co. - Song of the South
Does no one read the Uncle Remus stories anymore? Brer Rabbit and the Briar Patch? The story is that Brer Rabbit is captured by Brer Fox and Brer Bear and they are debating ways to kill him. Brer Rabbit spies a briar patch and begins begging that they not throw him in there and acts terribly afraid. So, of course Brer Fox throws him in the briar patch which is what Brer Rabbit wanted all along. Here's a clip of the story from Disney's sadly neglected Song of the South.

Okay, here's what that has to do with Donald Trump. There is currently a big hullabaloo going on over Donald Trump. Paid protesters have caused violence at his rallies, roughing up people and being roughed up in return. Every time they have such a violent protest, newly converted conservatives rise up and tell us we MUST vote for Trump because of these protests.

"You can tell Donald Trump is good because his enemies are so bad," they say. Well that screwed up bit of false logic is easily trumped if you've ever read the history of Adolph Hitler's rise. His greatest enemy was the evil Communist dictator, Joseph Stalin. Should we then have made friends with Hitler on the grounds that Stalin was worse?

As it turns out, the folk paying the protesters to hit the Trump rallies are FRIENDS OF DONALD TRUMP. George Soros is a huge contributor to the phony riots and, as it turns out Soros is such a good friend of Trump that Soros loaned Trump 600 million bucks to build Trump Tower Chicago (the city, ironically, where we saw the first big anti-Trump protest that netted Trump 80 million dollars in estimated free TV air time). Trump has all sorts of allies in Democratic ranks - he's been paying them off for years. These same people are now, through paid surrogates, making a big ugly fuss at Trump rallies. If they dislike Trump so much why would they want to spoil the Republicans' efforts, when they seem hell-bent on running the worst candidate possible for president?

So how would that help Trump?  Easy. The point is to do just what they are doing with the fence-sitting angry conservatives. They hope the violent protests will convince those who can be persuaded to fall for the "lesser of two evils" argument", to hold their noses and support Trump so that he will win the nomination. And the reason that so many are convinced appears to be...................wait for it. BECAUSE OF THE VIOLENT PROTESTS AGAINST TRUMP!

Do you guys not get it? Their "please do not throw the Donald into that briar patch" protests are a set up. They want Donald in that briar patch (the nomination). Once they've managed to convince us that Donald is the only man the liberal/progressive mob fears, they win exactly what they want - Donald vs Hillary.

Then, once his nomination is secure, watch the mainstream media bring out the dump truck loads of crap they have on Trump's "colorful" past and bury him in it. It's the surest way for the Democrats to insure that the Republican nominee will lose to the appalling Hillary Clinton in November. They WANT enough of us to react to all that fake liberal fear o' Donald and rally round Trump so he can win the nomination. They KNOW the best way to get that to happen is to create a lot of fake protests. 

Get it into your head people; they WANT to run the Hildebeest against the Donald in November. He's the only "Republican" on Earth with more negatives than Clinton. They've done the crossover voting and the media holding back the media tactic against the Republicans twice before now with McCain and Romney and then unloaded once their weak candidate of choice won the nomination. Are we going to be so stupid we fall for it yet again? God help us if we do.

So please, please, please don't throw Donald into that briar patch. I'm not kidding. That's just where the Clintonistas want him.

© 2016 by Tom King


Unknown said...

I saw this Trump Soros ploy from the primary states just before the vote, when the vote was close...Hire anti-TRUMP PROTESTERS TO COME IN ...AND IMMEDIATELY GIVE TRUMP'S RATINGS A BOOST WITH " NAIVE CONSERVATIVES". I tried to point it out to my "conservative" Trumpanzee friends..but they refused to even consider the possibility..They were hopeless then and unfortunately they still are.

Tom King said...

More than a year after Mr. Trump's election, I am surprised and pleased that he has, for the most part, hewn to a conservative path and for that I am grateful. His administration is in turmoil, but what did we expect from the star of "The Apprentice" when his catch phrase is "You're fired!"

The Dems are still reeling from their monumental miscalculation that they could run Hillary Clinton against Trump and win. Turns out this was a yellow dog Republican election cycle, though the margin of victory was very small. I still think we could have done better with someone else, but I support the president so far. That said, I follow the old Russian proverb, "Trust but verify!" Reagan taught me that.