Saturday, July 16, 2016

Trump's Brilliant New Logo............NOT!

Trump's put out a couple of new logos since choosing Mike Pence for his running mate and if he's trying to lose the election he couldn't be going at it with much more enthusiasm. The Republican Party has successfully chosen the only candidate among 17 with more negative polling than Hillary Clinton. Now he's added the only VP candidate I can think of that makes the initials of his campaign identical to something used to wipe poop off of assholes (excuse my French, but you know the Clinton campaign is going to have fun with that one).

And NOBODY missed the fact that the hanging down bit in the Trump "T" was going right through the hole in the Pence "P".  For crying out loud, couldn't the brilliant businessman see the branding problem that this logo was going to create. It's like he's trying to make himself a laughing-stock.

Then there's this gem....

I added the tagline because, well, I personally think that's the sort of thing the TP American flag evokes. TP/flag. All kinds of unfortunate images come to mind - that is "unfortunate" if you don't want Clinton to win. It's a great gift to Hillary. All she's got to do for the rest of the campaign is take a leaf from the Donald Trump campaign and stick him with a negative label. Even more priceless, it's his own label. It's like he's saying we're going to TP the country with the American flag. Having studied Trump's background, this would not surprise me if his campaign doesn't plan to do exactly that.

Who came up with this? Since Trump, as we all know, only hires "the best people", then the only thing I can figure out is that they were hoping he would lose big time!

Please tell me the Republican party isn't going to go through with nominating this clown car campaign to carry the "conservative" banner this November.
There's not enough TP in the world to clean up the crap storm that's coming if we do.

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