Thursday, April 21, 2016

Why I Fight for Causes I Know Are Lost

Daisy - The Best Dog I've Ever Known
This week my wife and I lost our beloved pet dog Daisy. She was the center of our lives and helped us hold it together through grief, loneliness, isolation and trials I'd rather not talk about. We fought hard to save her life, but we couldn't. I'm still glad we fought. It still hurts though. We've been crying for two days now and it's not stopping.

I've buried myself in something I absolutely despise doing - bookkeeping to try and get my mind on something else besides missing my puppy dog. 
I have a whole system - I turn on the TV to something I don't have to think about: a TV series I like, or some movies I've seen and know. Even a few TV shows I like to watch help simply by going on in the background and occasionally

I am sick to death of people telling me how to think.
I've stopped watching some favorite TV shows because they keep making my favorite characters gay or lesbian or whatever else weird sexual orientation they can think of. Why is it that less than 2% of people are gay and yet it's like 40 or 50% of TV and movie characters are? I'm tired of it being shoved in my face, demanding that I say it's normal and okay. It's bullying and bullying is wrong. I'm a live and let live person so long as you're aren't telling me how to believe. I won't have it. How about something on TV that we can just watch to help us think about something else when we're tired or stressed or in pain. Just a little diversion is all I'm asking for. Is that too much?  Do I have to be told over and over that something that I believe is wrong (not to mention icky) is okey dokey?  Love you guys just like I love adulterers.

But I won't vote for an adulterer and adultery and homosexuality is pretty much the same thing
. Do what you want to do, that's between you and the Almighty, just don't expect me to watch you do it.

Also, being a political blogger, I subscribe to several conservative newsletter. Today I unsubscribed to two of them - Anne Coulter and Newt Gingrich. I canceled two others last week including the once-beloved Breitbart dot com. I deleted the bookmark to Matt Drudges website. These are folk whose opinions I once respected, but, like some of the Jedis in Star Wars, they went over to the Dark Side, so I have no further interest in hearing how I'm supposed to hold my nose and vote for a man I believe is not only entirely unsuited to be president, but who isn't even a Republican anyway. I already held my nose and voted for two "moderates" and we lost. Now they want me to hold my nose and vote for a serial adulterer, strip club owner, casino operator, real estate con man, accused racketeer and bullshit artist. I'm sorry for the ugly word, but there just isn't a polite one for what he does.

The man is practically a national socialist. Like Adolph Hitler in 1933 Germany, he promises to make the country great again. He makes airy declarations of what he can and will do and despite a stunning lack of evidence that he has any intention of doing any of those things, his followers hang all their dreams on him and ignore who and what he really is.  

And what reason do they give that I MUST vote for this slimy non-Republican?  So the party can hang on to power!  That's all that it's about.

AND THEY ARE CANCELING MY FAVORITE INTERNET TV STATION - PJTV. I should have seen that coming! For months half the staff have been converted to Donald Trumpism and the other half won't touch Trump with a ten foot pole. Fortunately, the guys I listen to and respect are still going to be putting up their old shows on and other places, and it will probably cost me more that way, but I don't care.

I'm going down swinging. This country and this way of life is worth fighting for. I may not count for much, my voice may be lost in the cacophony of cheering Trumpettes, but heaven is watching. I can do nothing less than serve God and do what is right.

Every day, I feel less at home in this nasty old world. There's good reason. If you are a Christian you are ever more an endangered species in this Brave New World. People can feel it coming. People in the grocery store checkout line are talking about Jesus coming. That NEVER used to happen when I was a kid. It seems that we all can all tell that something wicked this way comes. 

Let it come, I say. I'm going home soon anyway, so it won't matter if the bad guys win or the other bad guys win. They're all bad guys. Let God sort 'em out.

Just one man's opinion.

© 2016 by Tom King 

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