Friday, February 19, 2016

The Trumperor Has No Clothes

What does Donald Trump have to do to shock his supporters back to reality - grow a toothbrush moustache and sing Trumpster, Trumpster Uber Alles? He recently said his followers are so loyal he could shoot someone dead in the middle of the street and not lose a single vote.

I'm beginning to fear that he is correct.

Supposedly, Trump speaks for mainstream American conservatism. Okay let's look at his record.

  1. Conservative?  Trump has been alternately a Democrat, Libertarian, Republican and Independent, depending on the shifting political winds. He's poured millions into the campaigns of both Clintons and Obama. He claims the economy does better under Democrats.
  2. Family Values?  Trump is on his third wife. He's a serial philanderer, owns strip clubs and casinos, and has an ego the size of Texas.
  3. Business Acumen? Trump has bankrupted 4 businesses leaving hundreds of investors in the lurch. His resort management company was ousted by business partners in Panama for massive misdirection of funds into Trump's other holdings leaving the partners in the lurch. Hundreds of small investors lost funds in his Mexican land deals AND his "Trump Academy" business school up on racketeering charges.
  4. Belief in Smaller Government? Trump is a big fan of the use of imminent domain to seize property from private individuals to give to wealthy land developers. Uses it frequently. Says he won't be beholden to business lobbyists?  Well no, because he IS one. The Donald prefers complex government because it gives billionaires a distinct advantage in the market over small business and the poor schmucks he skins out of their money. He's a dealer alright and big government is like crack for people who love to deal.
That's just the surface of this incredibly corrupt egomaniac. How anyone can assume The Donald can be trusted any farther than a 4 year-old little girl could throw him is beyond me.  Apparently if you are on reality TV and go on TV every chance you get to tell people how wonderful you are, that's all you have to do. Dangle a shiny promise or play a pleasing tune on your flute in front of some people and they wander after you like rats after the Pied Piper. What are they teaching in schools these days.

God help us if it's come to that. I pray that Americans wake up. I fear that they will not.

Tom King © 2016

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Facebookl said...

My sentiments exactly. Thank you Mr. King for expressing it so eloquently.