Friday, January 2, 2015

Trolls and Restaurants and Pot-Heads Oh My!

Half the fun of this article in "Food and Wine about potheads face-planting in the middle of their meals at Denver restaurants, is the phony hate-speech from obviously phony "conservative" commenter. These stereotypical haters have such obvious names as I_H8_hippies, which no self-respecting hippie-hater would ever take as an avatar name.

But by posting such drivel, the fake hippie haters give the pro-pot crowd an excuse for some pretty hateful speech themselves in defending their beloved weed. What's odd is that some of them, while defending weed as God's gift to man's anxiety, also are in the same crowd that wants people to have jail time for smoking tobacco. This "Brave New World" we live in has apparently found its "Soma" and one of the unexpected results is that food servers are now having to learn how to re-animate marijuana users who lose consciousness over their tortellini. Apparently, these true believers in the magic of "ganga" actually believe the hype that you can do all the THC you want and there will be no side effects. 

Let the brain damage begin.

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