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Pseudo-Science Doubles Down - The Global Climate Change Fraud

Al Gore's new 9 million dollar oceanside villa -
The House That Global Warming Built

With the "settled science" of global climate change having proved so spectacularly wrong over the past six decades, one wonders whether God is messing with those who believe that mere humans can fiddle with Earth's thermostat (or believe that they even should). Truth is, that we cannot protect ourselves from disasters and Mother Nature will do what she wants to do with Earth's climate. It's been done before in Babylon where they decided that, in order to insure God couldn't get them again, they'd just build this giant tower to get above the rising flood waters. Look how well that ended.

It seems, the takeaway from all the climate brouhaha is that we really can't do much about the climate, either by causing it to change or by "correcting" the changes that are happening.  I mean, I suppose we could blow ourselves up with nukes and eliminating ourselves from the planet, but that might not even make much of a difference.

If we do slaughter ourselves, however we do it, Nature will clean up after us and then go on about it's business.
Even atomic weapons have shown little of the horrific after-effects everyone predicted. You can visit a memorial in Hiroshima and Nagasaki today on the actual ground where they dropped the A-bomb without becoming a zombie mutant. Nuclear weapons, I was told as a child, would make a place uninhabitable for 50,000 years. Apparently, not so much.

First it was going to be global cooling and a sudden Ice Age. Then they changed the name of the "threat" to global warming and predicted the rising of the seas and the inundation of the Earth (remember Waterworld). Now it's global climate change, a science-for-all-seasons that jumps on any change in weather and takes credit for it on behalf of the human race. Virtually any other science, who's experiments, computer models and predictions had failed so miserably, would have been abandoned and relegated to the realm of superstition and pseudo-science long ago like its predecessors - astrology, alchemy and phrenology (that's the one where you read the bumps on people's heads and predict their psychological makeup).

Unfortunately, there is little likelihood that global climate studies will be abandoned as a bad job any time soon. The spectre of global disaster is far too useful a bugaboo for whipping up the proletariat into a frenzy and then convincing them to accept the kind of lower level lifestyle required to sustain progressive socialism. Once most of us trouble-makers, the working rich and middle class primarily, are suppressed and living in government housing, drawing our food stamps and riding public transportatio so that our movements are easier to track, the elite leader class will be better able to insure minimum standards of health and safety. I say "minimum" standards because that's what bureaucrats call the rules designed to make us all the same as much as possible "minimum" is what you usually get. The guys who set those kinds of standards, by the way, will be, themselves, exempt from the frugal lifestyle of the proletariate. After all, they argue, since they saved us from global climate change, don't they deserve a few perks?

The whole global climate change fraud is more about convincing the peasants that they owe it to the Earth to get by on less so that the really important people of the Earth can afford to fly 1700 or so private jets to a "climate conference" in Switzerland at the height of the ski season. It's no accident that rich people, politicians and scientists looking for big grant money are the primary ones so "concerned" about climate change. They've never had so good a tool for protecting their wealth from the greedy peasantry.

Even the richest church in the world is getting in on the global climate change hysteria. Its leader has instructed the church's members to get on the global climate change bandwagon (and while they're at it to oppose capitalism). Meanwhile, the church has been busily trying to re-establish its position of leadership at the head of the religions of the world by reuniting Protestants and Catholics and becoming head of a United Religions - a parallel organization to the United Nations. One of the pontiffs in question even called for a single world government made up of trade unions, industrial associations, world political parties and movements. He also suggested that such a government have "teeth" to keep unruly nations like the U.S. in line, making the case that such is necessary to save the planet.

I have to wonder whether God is getting a little tired of the level of arrogance His children have got to. Do we NOT remember Babel. The post-deluvians wanted to protect themselves in case God ever got mad at them and sent another flood. That enterprise didn't turn out too well for them. I suspect, neither will this one. Given how wildly off their predictions have turned out to be, it's starting to look like God is deliberately messing with the global climate change scientists. One climatologist (later proved a fraud) predicted snow free winters in Britain. The very next winter Britain got a 50% increase in snow setting snowfall records for the previous century or more.

If we seriously try to implement the Tower of Babel strategy that politicians and climate change advocates are pushing, are we inviting disaster? I'd expect that since this time there are more of us and we seem to be up to a great deal more shenanigans collectively, God may give us something a little more spectacular than lightning bolts and communication difficulties this time.

One wonders what God will do to the weather next and what convoluted story Al Gore and his ilk will tell us in order to keep gas in their Gulfstreams and pay those $4,000 a month electric bills their mansions run up?

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