Wednesday, September 11, 2013

To American Muslims: Thank You for Showing Respect

By all accounts the so-called "Million Muslim March" fell far short of its goal of a million participants. Apparently, a lot of Muslim-Americans decided against supporting this ill-advised and rather offensive rally in our nation's capital today.

I would personally like to thank all the American Muslims who chose to boycott the Million Muslim March on Washington out of respect for the American citizens, first responders and soldiers who lost their lives as a direct result of an attack by fanatics claiming to act for Allah and Islam. Your action is duly noted by this American. The United States is, after all, your homeland as well as mine. Thank you guys for realizing how this poorly conceived event would look and for refusing to attend.

This is one of your fellow countrymen who will not be mocking, name-calling or taunting you, my fellow Americans, today.  The terrorist attack on 9/11 was an attack on us all. We stand together. May God or Allah - by whatever name you call Him - bless America.

Tom King