Monday, September 9, 2013

The Jonah Dilemma

The bad thing about being a prophet is that sometimes people believe you and take steps to prevent the impending doom you predicted.  Then afterwards, pundits on MSNBC will claim it was all a bunch of hype to support Halliburton and the Military-Industrial Complex since nothing happened after all.

It's why Jonah jumped on a ship for Tarshish!

It's amazing in the current controversy over Syria that when it's a liberal doing the "fixing" of the prophesied event, then the military-industrial complex doesn't get castigated by folk like Obama supporters.

It's rather like the irate liberal at the Clinton inauguration who got angry because the Air Force did a flyover.  "Who do they think they are flying war machines over the inauguration. That's not the message we want to understand."

One of Clinton's staff touched him on the shoulder.  "But don't you see?" he explained. "Now they are OUR flying war machines!"

God has the whole prophecy sequence right.  One never quite understands what the Biblical prophets were talking about until AFTER it happens.  Prophecy is to let you know that God knew what was going on all along - to inspire trust.  The pundits on the right especially would be wise to take a lesson from the Bible before they prophesy. Always leave their prophecies a bit obscure so no one can mess them up by taking action - at least not if they want to be trusted by the media.  Conservatives don't have the left's capacity for relentless self-delusion, however.  And they eat their prophets.

I'm just sayin'

Tom King

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