Tuesday, March 12, 2013

When You Poke a Snake, Sometimes It Bites You....

Iran to Sue Affleck and Clooney over "Argo" Film
(c) 2013 by Tom King

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Man, you try and clean up one leftist mess and next thing you know you're being sued for your troubles.  That's the lesson Ben Affleck, George Clooney and Grant Heslov may be learning soon.  In an ironic twist French lawyer Isabelle Coutant-Peyre, legal advisor to some of Hollywood's leftist buds down in Venezuela,has flown to Teheran to discuss where to file Iran's upcoming lawsuit against the producers of "Argo" the Oscar-winning revisionist historical film that does its best to rehabilitate Jimmy Carter's reputation as a decisive, muy macho world leader during the Iranian hostage crisis back in 1979.  I do hope Isabelle remembers to put on her burkha before disembarking from the plane at Teheran International.

It was a noble effort by a gang of leftist filmmakers to try and polish up the reputation of one of the more notably inept Democrat presidents in memory.  Jimmy Carter can certainly use it and President Obama, who looks more and more like Carter every day, could really stand to have his mentor's rep tidied up a bit.  Unfortunately, in prettying up President Carter and making him look more butch, they've poked the snake and the snake is not amused.  Iran does not like the way its leaders, many of whom still sit in cushy offices there in the Iranian capital, are portrayed in the film.  The Iranians, in consequence, have expressed a desire to sue themselves some rich Hollywood producers by way of getting their feelings soothed.  And they've found a French lawyer who's just the lady to do it for them.

I suspect, however, that a lawsuit might not be enough for the mullahs who would rather preserve their own version of how the hostage crisis went (heroic act to Iranians / big lot of embarrassment for the Great Satan).  If I were Ben, Georde and Grant, I'd have somebody with a bomb-sniffing dog go over my Maserati every morning before I cranked it up.  I'm just saying.  These folks have a really poor sense of humor and an even poorer respect for what Hollywood is trying to do for the cause of leftist totalitarian regimes everywhere.
I'm just telling you guys to be careful.  It's why we give the jihadists what they want - so they don't blow us up.  It's leftist diplomacy 101 - the Neville Chamberlain Principle it's called.


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