Monday, March 4, 2013

The Old World Really Wants to Meddle with the New

 UN Investigator Wants to Go After Bush Too
(c) 2013 by Tom King

And now the UN is getting in on the Bush-bashing - as we knew it would given a little Obama encouragement.  The president seems to have been taking lessons from Clinton on the art of misdirection. Now he's got his internationalist buds blaming stuff on Bush too.  These guys aren't going to be happy till they put the former president in jail.

All I've got to say is - from 9/11 to the end of the Bush administration and for months beyond it - no terrorist attacks on US soil.  Teddy Roosevelt always said, "Speak softly and carry a big stick."  Bush did that pretty well. The Arab nations understand the big stick.

The Obama administration is more like "Speak a lot but don't actually do anything really meaningful unless France gives you permission."  Unfortunately, the Arab nations see that as weakness and an opportunity to go after us again. This UN report basically says, that when you go after terrorists, you must be polite about it and stick to Marquis of Queensbury rules and protect the human rights of terrorists with great care. 

If you don't, the reasoning seems to go, the terrorists might try to blow you up... 

They also want to prosecute American leaders they don't agree with which sets a dangerous precedent.  This kind of UN meddling reminds me a bit of that one world government with "teeth" that even international church leaders like the pope endorsed a couple of years back - one that would be organized by trade and labor unions, international political parties, and diplomats which would be strong enough to keep powerful nations like the US in line. Now we have the UN demanding we prosecute US leaders for being too tough on terrorists.  Next they'll be assigning international representatives to monitor our elections..........................oh, wait.  They've already done that.

We are seeing the rise of internationalism on every hand, which might not be bad, were it to focus on stuff like stopping terroristm, preventing one nation from attempting to drive the people of another nation into the sea or driving tanks over another nation's borders in order to permanently expand their own borders or harboring terrorist training camps and paying terrorists to perform terrorist acts or developing nuclear weapons when they are openly and vocally threatening other nations and supporting providing equipment and training to terrorists and terrorist nations.

That might be useful.  Unfortunately, the focus of internationalists seems to be on weakening the US and creating a strong enough world government to reduce America to a feeble, economically weakened, militarily impotent power. In this, they've had the aid of our own libs (both varieties - the progressive and Ron Paul isolationist varieties - I can't see a lot of difference between the two on this issue).

Look, I've seen the way most of these nations form governments. It's a mess and heaven help you if the bad guys get enough votes to take over. That is NOT something we want to be subservient to. The United States is a haven of liberty, personal, religious and physical liberty. If we take down the walls that protect that liberty, if we lay down our arms and lock up the guard dogs, we will not last long.  If we as a nation decide to do this and submit ourselves to "international" opinion, we will soon find ourselves living in a nation like all those other coutries our ancestors left, piling on freighters, cattle boats and anything they could find that would float in order to get to America. 

Now we have their descendants clamoring to bring the Old World that our forefathers left into America's business - with TEETH? Do they NOT teach history in public schools any more.  The Monroe Doctrine should still be in force.  Hey, we'd even make it a two-way deal and leave them all alone, if the Old World wouldn't keep calling us over to clean up their messes every time we leave them to their own devices for any length of time.

There are reasons our ancestors left the Old World.  Perhaps we need to re-examine those reasons ever once in a while.

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