Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Politics and Puppies

Be happy my progressive friends.*

Lately I've gotten tired of all the negativity on Facebook, especially around the discussion of politics.
So, I've been posting pictures of puppies on my timeline, hoping puppies doing happy puppy things would help to promote peace and harmony with my progressive friends. 
Well that didn't work.

Now one of my progressive friends has criticized me because of my puppy pictures**.
He says the puppies in the pictures I've posted probably come from puppy mills.


Man if a puppy can't make you happy, you must really must need to be miserable.

© 2018 by Tom King

*This puppy is a rescue dog named Daisy who blessed our home for six years. I miss her very much. She is certifiably NOT from a puppy mill.

**In all fairness to my friend we were in the middle of a fine old very political debate and neither of us were giving an inch. The snipe was in the neighborhood of an "Oh, yeah, so's your mother!" comeback. I don't blame him. Heat of the moment and all. It is very tempting in the middle of one of those heated debates to impugn your interlocutor's ancestry. I do my best to resist doing that, though - especially when there are puppies in the room.

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