Thursday, March 1, 2018

Oh Frabjous Day - Liberals Rejoice, I'm Criticizing Trump

I'm often accused of blindly following President Trump and never criticizing him, even though I didn't vote for Trump or for that matter his Democrat opponent. I rise this day to criticize the president. Apparently, Mr. Trump spoke hasty words yesterday and appeared to advocate taking guns first and following it with due process.

While he was advocating this with regard to dangerous mentally unstable people to be sure, he needed to be careful how he stated that. It certainly gives the wrong impression. I'm sure Trump means well, but once again, he has demonstrated a genius for aggravating his followers.

Ben Shapiro said this about the latest evidence that Trump's a reluctant conservative at best.
"So yes, this is Trump just mouthing off. But it proves once again that on matters of governing philosophy, Trump is no conservative. He’s just a guy who says stuff he thinks will play for the audience in front of him."

Conservatives should set up a howl when Trump starts sounding like a Democrat. It's going to be the only way to keep him on the conservative plantation. Trump is a populist and that's why I had problems with him in the first place. This is me howling!

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