Saturday, February 3, 2018

What Do I Think About "Trump's Broken Promises?"

A buddy posted another "Occupy Democrats" meme about how Donald Trump has broken all these promises he made to his supporters in this first year. Good cow! The Dems are really grasping at straws now. When are they going to learn that the whole "repeat a lie enough times and the public will believe it" tactic doesn't work that well if you can't bury the actual truth.

Did Trump do everything he promised? Nope. There's still work to do , but hey. Give the man a break. It's his first year and given that Democrats and their allies in the media have been obstructing him every step of the way it's bloody miraculous he got as much done as he did. 
  • Unemployment has reached historic lows especially for blacks, Hispanics and women (AND WITHOUT ARTIFICIALLY REMOVING MILLIONS FROM THE WORKFORCE AS OBAMA DID). Wages are going up. Conservative judges have been nominated. Stock markets at new highs. 
  • Taxes have been reduced. 
  • I won't have to pay a fine to the IRS if I accidentally make an extra hundred bucks this month and lose my Medicaid insurance. 
  • Our allies and enemies have been put on notice that there's a new sheriff in town and we're not going to be bullied anymore. 
  • ISIS is nearly defunct and has lost most of its leadership. 
  • North Korea has returned to the table for peace talks with South Korea, something they haven't done in years. 
  • Illegal immigration has been reduced by 70% even without a border wall and we are working on that. 
  • Democrats have been reduced to impotent babbling buffoons, 
  • Democrat collaboration with the FBI and foreign powers in an attempt to rig American elections has been exposed.
  • Corruption at the Clinton Foundation has been exposed. 
  • Trump is cleaning house at the FBI and justice department.
  • We have a firm conservative majority in the Supreme Court. 
  • Oh and my wife got a nice raise on her Social Security this year - something we haven't seen in years.
  • And did I mention that Democrats have lost their minds and even the mainstream media is turning on them? This makes me smile!
I'm okay with all that he has done. Sounds to me like a pretty good first year. I can give him time to work on the rest of it. Heck, I didn't even vote for him and he kept promises I approve of. So, things aren't so bad here in the US of A, except for all that whining noise coming from the left side of the House and Senate chambers. That's getting really irritating.

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