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Divide and Conquer in the EU

Sunday Law lobby group

How Adventists and Jews could be caught in the political crossfire:

Given the threat to Catholic Christendom from the current Muslim invasion, we can expect more aggressive confrontation in the future by Catholic, Protestant, socialist, and environmentalist groups in Europe. My lineal ancestors Vlad Dracul, Charles the Hammer Martel and St. somebody or other were involved in the three major pushbacks of earlier invasions by Muslim forces. The socialists have tried to buy off Islam, but Islam is not grateful.

At some point the environmentalists, socialists and social justice warriors will find themselves outnumbered, losing power and threatened by the Muslim mass migration. Actually, Europe already is. The birthrate in EU countries is falling while the birthrate in Muslim countries is exploding. The economies in Middle Easter countries, however are not exploding and their legions of unemployed workers are pouring out over their borders headed for Europe.

I expect the political powers that be, once they wake to their peril, will look to anyone who has been friendly to them in the past - preferably some group that has been favorable toward them in the past. Roman Catholic authorities and High Church Protestants are already pretty much in the tank for socialism. Trade Unions, international political parties and industrial trade organizations are also being threatened and are united in common purpose with socialist leaning governments and the increasingly socialist Roman Catholic and high church Protestants. The papacy under Frances has already extended its hand across the gulf to evangelicals and high church Protestants (Anglicans, Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Lutherans and Methodists by and large tend to lean left these days). 

War is coming. It should be exciting times when all of those guys get together and start passing laws and perhaps even enforcing them. There is an old curse that goes, "May you live in interesting times!"  It is in interesting times that those in power take the opportunity to clean house of unwanted populations.  The socialists of the twentieth century wiped out Jews, Gypsies, political rivals, Ukrainian Kulaks, entire native tribes who weren't politically sound, Hutus, Christians, and more.  There were the killing fields of Cambodia, Vietnam and China, the Russian gulags and African race wars. Earlier centuries have seen the mass murder of Waldensian Christians, Hussites, pagan tribes, Hugenots, and too many smaller groups of politically undesirables to count. 
If we look at the impact of the current Sunday laws in the EU we already see who is getting short shrift and being handed an economic disadvantage. Muslims who worship on Friday and Jews and Seventh-day Adventists who worship on Saturday have had their work weeks effectively reduced from six days to five. One can see how a couple of groups who are not a political and existential threat to the European power structure can easily get lumped into the threat matrix. Efforts to reduce the economic impact of one group also impacts any other group that gets lumped in with them.

It's happened before during the Crusades. My own ancestor, Saint something or other, got his sainthood for killing not only Muslim invaders, but also a nice assortment of Jews that he ran across along the road to Jerusalem as well. The Pope made no distinction between Muslims and the sons of Abraham apparently, and lauded Saint somebody or other for his genocidal activities.

Historically, once populations begin to be divided into "Us" and "Others", it only goes downhill from there. The Biblical book of Revelation predicts a union of forces at the end of time. It calls them "unclean spirits like frogs" which come out of the mouth of the Dragon, the Beast and the False Prophet. I think we are beginning to see the appearance of these frogs in the world, a harbinger of what will potentially be the worst mass killings in the history of man.

Every one of these people died while I was in college.
What is interesting is the way we can all sit in our living rooms and convince ourselves that we modern men and women are the most civilized in the history of the world. All the while, out of our site bloodshed on an epic scale is occurring. I grew up in a relatively peaceful world in the latter half of the twentieth century. While I was enjoying a better standard of living, out on the other side of the world, people were being slaughtered in the millions. While I was in college earning my degree in English-Communications, two million Vietnamese and three million Cambodians were slaughtered in the name of communist purity. It didn't affect me. Russia starved the Kulaks in Ukraine by the millions. China disarmed, starved and murdered millions of it's own people. Africans murdered other Africans because they belonged to other tribes. Muslims slaughtered Christians and Jews as fast as they could get away with it in their own lands and we did nothing except stop taking tours to the Middle East because it was getting dangerous.

In Europe, power is coalescing into two major groups - European Christians, Atheists, Environmentalists and Socialists on the one side and a massive Muslim refugee population on the other side. Something will give and when those two sides come to blows, as always, those who do not line up on one side or the other are going to be purged. That's how it always goes. That's why Jews are always a target. They never quite assimilate. They are always "different" from the mainstream. And they get hunted down and killed for it and nobody says much about it.

Even today, Israel with the most vibrant economy in the Middle East and a record of fair treatment of its non-Jewish citizens, is hated by pretty much everyone in the mainstream of modern political thought (i.e. Progressive Socialists/Democrats). It's not going to be any better for anyone that gets lumped in with them. In the coming reunification of the Christian church being proposed by the Vatican and Protestant leaders, the church that has the second largest parochial school system, the largest Protestant hospital system, the largest mission work and the fastest growing membership both in the United States and outside, is going to be lumped in with the more traditional of undesirables like Muslims and Jews.

You can cruise Youtube and see the hatred already out there against Seventh-day Adventists (my church) and conspiracy theories about Jews. It reminds me of the kind of rhetoric you saw about Jews in Germany in the late 20s and early 30s.  We never think such horrors can happen to us, though and we go about our business pretending it can't. We do not want to see the devil that is in the details of smooth-sounding solutions to our problems.  I mean who wouldn't want the government to make sure you get a day off every week?

Can you see the storm coming? Jesus said we would be able to. Me? I think I hear thunder.

Recent Popes calling for legal enforcement of Sunday-keeping:
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