Tuesday, September 26, 2017

It's Over When the Fat Divas Kneel...

I don't know about the rest of you, but I'm about done with the NFL!  They have, I believe, reached a tipping point beyond which there may be no return and no forgiveness. Football fans tend to not be precious snowflakes, though some of the players appear to have gone over to the flakey side.

Even my beloved Dallas Cowboys took a knee in a copout gesture, then stood for the national anthem with arms locked. I'm a more than a little disappointed in Jerry Jones the Dallas owner, but then that's not anything new with me.

What the heck is there to protest? The biggest complaint from a black person I've heard is that they were stopped by cops for being the wrong color. So what? I've been stopped for being white while driving in a black neighborhood in South Dallas. Two cops stopped my wife and I - one black cop and one white one. They said we were not the sort of people usually driving in that neighborhood - meaning we where white.  These guys are making tens of millions per year. They are in no way oppressed and, truth is, there is nowhere near the oppression in America that this protest seems to believe there is.

Most of this racism rabble-rousing is a product of 8 years of Barak Obama's efforts to secure all-power for the Democrat Party. It is critical for progressives to stir up feelings of resentment, anger and rage. It matters not if the object of all this unfocused rage is anything real, just so it's rage against anyone or any thing that supports the Constitution and the rights outlined in it.

You want to get mad about slavery and racism, how about getting mad about sex-trafficking? It's vastly more common in Asia, Africa and parts of Europe and South America. There's actual slavery still common throughout the Middle-East and parts of Asia. Get mad about places where there is real misery.

And how about giving white people break okay? We're trying. How long are those of us who stood with Civil Rights marchers and who have spoken out against racism all our lives. You want to end racism? Then let it end for crying out loud. If you treat others, including white people the way you want to be treated, you marginalize actual racists and take away their power. By making the pitiful handful of actual racists into a national bugaboo, all you do is give them power they don't deserve and you foment a race war.

I'm tired of watching my country slide inexorably toward Marxism.
It always ends up badly and always people wind up dying in large numbers and abuses like racism, sexism and oppression at the hands of the Dear Leaders that inevitably wind up in charge of the whole shootin' match. As someone who has always treated my black brothers and sisters with respect and as equals, I find it hard to feel all warm and fuzzy about being told I'm a congenital racist by a bunch of overpaid over-sized, steroid stuffed spoiled brats who's sole claim to the moral high ground is that they play a children's game professionally.

I miss the days of Tom Landry, Vince Lombardi, Roger Staubach, Drew Pearson, Terry Bradshaw, Walter Payton and Emmitt Smith.

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