Sunday, May 7, 2017

Filmmaking as Confused Propaganda

We get all sorts of dystopian and post-apocalyptic movies aimed at teenagers these days. They all have a theme - an oppressive large government controls everyone's life either before the apocalypse or after it. Either way, the brave young post pubescent teens run away or starts guerrilla warfare against the repressive government. Somehow the filmmakers throw in little suggestions that the evil central government is somehow Republican or conservative.

Case in Point:  The Thinning

This progressive filmmaker attempts to sell the idea that Texas has submitted to a United Nations demand that it reduce it's population by 5%. Really? Texas submits to a UN mandate? Then, the Texas governor institutes a system of culling through testing in schools. Low-scoring kids are killed (thinned). Everyone (in Texas mind you) goes along with the idea without a lot of fuss. Before the test, kids are shown a propaganda film (the sort liberals like to use to explain why capitalism is bad to school children).  Kids who fail are carried out of the test center by people in black wearing hockey masks.

They may have actually filmed it in Austin. After all, Austin is one of the cities where we store out liberals in Texas where we can keep an eye on them. But the idea that Texas has somehow disarmed its citizens and convinced them to quietly accept the systematic slaughter of their children is probably the most ludicrous premise for a film ever.  Eugenics is NOT a popular idea in Texas. Hell, we don't like abortion. The idea that anytime in the next 50 years Texas is going to go full eugenics under a conservative Texas governor is incredibly stupid. And to think the conservatives in Texas would put supposedly thinned kids into some corporate work program or organ harvesting program is ludicrous, though this is what the ending led us to believe.

I don't get it. The very people that make these types of films are the first to go out and vote for progressive Democrats, the same people who want bigger government, more population controls, and a more powerful regulations. Progressives have long been believers in "improving" the human race. The "message" in these kinds of films is so screwed up. F. Scott Fitzgerald, a progressive if there ever was one stated that it was a sign of intelligence to be able to hold two opposing ideas in one's mind at the same time and believe both. If that's true these rudderless filmmakers are freakin' geniuses.

Myself, I suspect these college brain-washed children have some vague idea that some smart people in government will take care of all their needs so they can indulge in sex, drugs and rock n' roll without having to take any real responsibility for anything. In such a world, anyone who advocates for a world that requires some kind of serious work for your reward is anathema. While such folks themselves put in an incredible amount of work it's true, they also see themselves as part of the privileged elite who will manipulate the dim-witted masses to keep them content and obedient. Like I said, I don't get it.

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Mark Milliorn said...

If Texas really wanted to lower the population by 5%, all they would have to do is require Social Security recipients to show up in person with a photo ID once a year to prove their continued eligibility. Before SS started using direct deposit, many of the border towns rented out more post office boxes then they had inhabitants.