Thursday, November 10, 2016

Joining the Browncoats - I Aim to Misbehave

You know, for a diminutive little liberal, Joss Whedon keeps delivering such lovely conservative/libertarian characters like Captain America, Malcolm Reynolds and others. I suppose that should not be a big surprise to anyone. After all, look at the multiple personality disorder symptoms you find in the progressive socialist Democrat liberal community:
  1. Liberals hate the evil oppressive government and at the same time want more evil oppressive government.
  2. Liberals believe in freedom and at the same time seek to achieve freedom by taking more and more of it away through government.
  3. Liberals want to help the poor and oppressed and at the same time seek to destroy the middle class and working wealthy class and creating a proletariat that shares equal misery.
  4. Liberals hate oppressive cops and lawyers and at the same time want to pass more laws that create more cops and lawyers and give them even more power to oppress.
  5. Liberals hate powerful elites who conspire to control the lives of ordinary people and at the same time work desperately to make sure the powerful elites have much more power than they've ever had.
  6. Liberals complain that Christians wish to force their beliefs on others and at the same time use the power of the government to force their beliefs on Christians.
  7. Liberals blame religion for starting all the wars and at the same time claim Islam is not responsible for starting the wars in the Middle East.
  8. Liberals don't want the government coming into their bedrooms and at the same time want the government to pay for the consequences of what happens in that bedroom (supply contraceptives, pay for abortions, etc.)
  9. Liberals don't believe in violence as a solution to problems between nations and at the same time hold that violent protests and riots are appropriate as a solution to problems between political opinions.
  10. Liberals believe we should be free to use drugs and at the same time smoking should be abolished.

We are, I believe, in the final stages of Earth's history. We've elected a game show host as our commander-in-chief - a man who is used to making things up as he goes. I don't believe God particularly wanted Trump to be our leader. I don't believe He didn't want Hillary either. Neither one is a Cyrus. Often God gives us the leaders we ask for as a way to punish us.  Eleven of Judah's Kings were bad kings - twelve counting Manasseh who was beyond bad. And don't get me started on Ahab, Jezebel and the Israelite (Samaritan) kings.

And won't God use Trump to "bless" America?  Probably not. If God wants to bless us He may use the tools at hand or He may step back and let us stew in our own juices.  The fact is that if God can use a flawed person to accomplish His will, he could just as easily have used Hillary Clinton. The Kings's heart, as the Psalmist says, is in the hands of the Lord. 

The belief that we had to choose the lesser of two evils in order to help God along is, as Solomon so eloquently put it, "Vanity of vanities."  The truth is we do whatever damned fool thing we get it in our heads to do and then, when it all goes badly, we drop to our knees and beg God to fix our screw-ups so we don't have to live with the consequences of our actions. That's kind of the philosophy of our "progressive" friends, only they, as Trump would put it, "...don't really bring God into it."  But then Trump is a progressive too and the liberal left shouldn't be too unhappy to have him. First it was liberal cross-over voters who won him the Republican primary. All his life Trump's been a progressive big government Democrat and he's show a huge capacity for changing his mind over anything and everything that remotely resembles a principle, so all liberals need to do is wait for Trump's ideological tide to go out. And the beauty is they got Republicans to vote for him. He's kind of like an ideological I.E.D. just waiting to go off and knock everything apart.

So I'm declaring for the Independents - Joss Whedon's rebels in the Firefly stories. These were people who did not want to be exploited by the Central Alliance which wasn't doing anything for them anyway except exploiting them for their own purposes. They wanted to do a job, get paid, and keep flying. To use a term coined by Robert A. Heinlein, I grok what they are saying. Me too. But then I look for a kingdom whose builder and maker is God and not Karl Marx or any of his human followers. So it's not surprising that like Captain Reynolds, "I plan to misbehaver!"

An ancient Chinese curse says, "May you live in interesting times."
  Well brothers and sisters, things are about to get interesting!

© 2016 by Tom King

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