Thursday, September 1, 2016

They're Breaking Up That Old Gang of Mine

Conservatism is under attack and it's not who you think. Turns out we are our own worst enemy. Trump has carved off a segment of conservatives, mashed them all up with angry white people, angry black people, angry Hispanics and other fringe elements that look to Trump for salvation, but Trump isn't the whole problem.

I just spent an unpleasant hour listening to Stefan Molyneux and a guy who calls himself Vox Day explaining what the alt-right movement is all about. Apparently the term "cuckservative" originates with Mr. Day and loosely means "race traitor".  The alt-right movement claims it's better that people stay in their own cultural enclaves - the nations that bred them in other words. They further claim that the US is a white, Anglo-Saxon Protestant nation and it's time we should make it that again. So now we have the Republican Party broken up into Trump minions, alt-right race loyalists, neo-cons, country club Republicans, Tea Party folk and a confused bunch of the rest of us who believe in the Constitution, free markets, small government and every one of the Bill of Rights.

There is an old military tactic known as "divide and conquer" that seems to be the primary strategy being used against the conservative community. Together people who identify themselves as conservatives make up 65% or better of voting Americans. Together we are a terrible roadblock to the conquest of America by progressives.  Separated and fractured into factions, we're relatively harmless.

Ironically, progressives, those advocates of multi-culturalism and promoters of non-assimilation have used the very techniques they use to create "voter groups" against Republicans and conservatives. Sadly, they have a lot of help from us in doing it. Apparently conservatives are more than willing to help out.

At any rate, I've never seen good-hearted well meaning Americans so divided in my lifetime. I've read about it in history books. It never ends well for nations that have a divided populace.

Somehow we need to find common ground for all of us. We're more Americans than we are anything else if you get right down to it, but thanks to the media, entertainment industry and the political jabbering class, we've been convinced to huddle up in our own little homogeneous groups.

It's not easy to hold a nation together when it divides itself into narrow ideologies and political ghettos.  Create those divisions along cultural and racial lines and it's even worse. We've got to cut that out or the America we know is going to be taken from us by a smug set of conquerors, who have figured out the Achilles heel in the American melting pot. Ironically, it's the same thing that is our strength - our differences.

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