Friday, September 9, 2016

Free Colleen Koldstinki....From His NFL Contract!

Carlton Krappantski* has every right to
state his opinion...and so do we.
You know the NFL has gotten a little too secure with its position in American culture. If they don't take a hard stance on the flag disrespect by players, they're likely to see everyone turn off their TV sets and not watch the game for a few weeks. They seem to have forgotten up at the NFL Commissioner's office that watching football is an optional thing for Americans. And they don't seem to get it that a huge majority of the folk who watch football, buy football gear and go to games don't like seeing an NFL player like Colon Klaptrapki disrespect the national anthem and the flag.

Maybe for a couple of weeks we all ought to change our Sunday afternoon routines. Perhaps we could flip off the TV, grab a football and go play touch football out on the lawn with our kids and neighbors for a few weeks while the NFL finds a way to apologize for and discipline its members. 

Freedom of speech means you can't be arrested for speaking your mind. We are protected from that by the first amendment and nobody is proposing that we arrest people like Colin Karpnackistan. In fact, setting Colin Krapernicrud free from his NFL contract might just be a proper response in this case - that is if the NFL doesn't want to see a fan boycott.

Just sayin'.

© 2016 by Tom King

* And I know I'm not spelling his name right, but I figure if Colonic Krapenema can disrespect the flag of the country that made him wealthy, I can disrespect his name too - as in I'll never spell his name right ever again. Just me exercising my freedom of speech.

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