Sunday, January 31, 2016

Fox News and the Liberal Agenda

Fox News' Megyn Kelly - The Left's Enemy #1
Fox News is pretty much the only broadcast media outlet that currently gives fair play to conservatives. It's only equal time to be sure, but that's far more than anyone else does and it makes progressive socialists apoplectic. To them equal time is favoritism.  Fox News actually works out to be more fair and balanced than virtually anyone else. On Fox you can actually hear both sides of an argument. They don't overly favor anybody and they hire reporters that will take a shot at a pompous pundit or a windbag politician if there's one to be taken. That's what journalists should do. 

It's what Megyn Kelly did to Trump and that pompous, self-important windbag deserved everything he got in my opinion. But honest questions come at a cost, especially when you are up against a well-funded liberal propaganda machine.

The recent so-called "conservative" backlash against Fox is being orchestrated by left wing operatives following Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals to the letter.  

  1. Pick the target - Fox News the only news media outlet that is not openly anti-conservative.
  2. Freeze it - Sew doubt and mistrust among supporters
  3. Personalize it - Pick on Megyn Kelly
  4. Polarize it - Get lots of divisive hate speech going among your enemies (conservatives)

By "fixing, freezing, personalizing and polarizing, the Media Matters, Young Turks and other Soros-funded operatives are attempting to turn conservatives against Fox News (the only real support they have from major news media). In doings so, they hope Fox News will be fickle and become more sympathetic with liberals and perhaps even come over to their side. And they've salted conservative dialogue with clever sniping and false accusations in order to undercut Fox News' influence as much as possible and reduce their viewership. 

Fox right now beats out every other mainstream media including the vaunted CNN and NBC. George Soros and his operatives hate that. They want nothing less than to cut Fox down to size and reduce it's influence on mainstream Americans (who prefer Fox by huge numbers). The pitiful thing is that low-information conservatives are falling for it.

Please don't!

I'm just sayin'.

Tom King, © 2016

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