Friday, January 29, 2016

Danish Girl Fights off Rapist; Gets Charged With Crime

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You know that wonderful socialist Denmark that Bernie Sanders loves so much? Yahoo News carried a revealing story of a 17 year old Danish girl who was attacked, knocked down and almost raped while walking near a Muslim refugee center in Denmark. Fortunately for her, she was able to get to her handy bottle of pepper spray and gave the would-be rapist an eyeful, driving him away and allowing her to escape. 

Apparently Danish girls, who defend themselves when attacked, are guilty of a crime for driving off their attackers. The young woman who was attacked by a would-be rapist, it seems, drove off her attacker with illegal pepper spray. In "socialist" Denmark, it's a crime for girls under 18 to own pepper spray. So, now the 17 year old young lady, not only has the trauma of an attempted rape to deal with, she's being charged with a crime and fined. 

So in this socialist utopia of Sanders', you can be old enough to be raped but too young to own a defensive weapon?

So, let me get this straight. Young girls, if attacked, are to do what? Submit if they are under 18? Try to run away and hope the rapist doesn't stumble and hurt himself? Or should they follow the University of Colorado's advice and pee or vomit on yourself to discourage a rapist. How screwed up is a system that floods itself with angry individuals who feel that because they dislike your decadent culture, that raping your women is somehow appropriate behavior and then discourages women from owning defensive weapons? 

To give them credit, the Danes are moving away from the old socialist system in an effort to save their country's economic and social system. Many Danes have offered to pay the girl's fine and there has been a real uproar from right-thinking Danish people over the incident.

While that's all well and good, it still leaves young girls vulnerable if they are "walking while female" near refugee centers in Denmark.

This point up one of the issues with socialist systems. In order to make the collectivist system work, the government needs a relatively high level of control. To do that, they have to restrict access to any means by which the citizenry could rise up and cause the government trouble. They restrict guns in other words. Apparently, they also restrict pepper spray. Wouldn't want the secret police to get their eyes all stingish, I suppose.

The trouble is, that in protecting itself from law-abiding citizens, socialist governments leave the proletariat defenseless against those who are not law-abiding citizens. You see there are laws against rape too, but the law can't find the rapist. The only one who could be charged with a crime was the victim of the crime itself.

And then there's the problem with collectivism. It doesn't work unless everyone obeys the government and the only way to make sure everyone obeys the government is to disarm them and once you do that, the citizenry can be marched into the gas chambers and the gulags at the whim of the government. The rape victim being treated as a criminal is just the tip of the iceberg - a warning of a much deeper problem beneath.

Are we sure we want to go full socialist with Bernie Sanders or even socialist lite with Hillary or worse crony socialist with Donald Trump? 


I don't think so, but then, that's just me. 

Just one man's opinion,

Tom King

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