Monday, June 22, 2015

Dr. Ben Carson is No Politician

That's why I like him...

Somebody called me "ignorant" today for supporting Ben Carson for president. He also called Carson "dumb as a brick" about politics.  To me that's a big plus for the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon. I don't think the gentleman's concern over the "ignorance level" of Carson supporters is the problem with our nations leadership these days.

I think it's arrogance on the part of those, who believe that a leader must be a "good" politician, to dismiss honest men like Carson as somehow unfit to lead our nation.  Being a good politician isn't what makes a good leader and folk like the know-it-all Jeb Bush supporter that called me ignorant is mistaken in his belief that leadership is or even should be the sole responsibility of the politician - one trained in the art of manipulation, lying and subterfuge. Career politicians are a
curse on our nation. Senators are the finest politicians on the planet and they turn out to be some of the lousiest chief executives of all time.

It would be far better, I believe, that our nation should be led by intelligent men with good character than to be "controlled" by slippery politicians - habitually corrupt characters who use "ignorant voters" to accumulate power for themselves.
Note that those who criticize Dr. Carson, usually confine their criticism to vague accusations and put-downs that make them sound like one of those so-called "elite" members of society. You know, the ones who believe it is their destiny to rule over the ignorant masses. Well, I got news dudes and dudettes. The founding of America ended the rule of the hereditary nobility - in this part of the new world at least. The progressive movement is little more than an attempt to recreate, under the rubrik of social Darwinism, a genetically favored "nobility", made up of politicians, Harvard, Yale and Columbia graduates and the scions of wealthy families.

Why can't a brilliant brain surgeon who grew up poor in Detroit and who educated himself to become perhaps the world's foremost neurosurgeon, figure out how to do the right thing as president of the United States? So what if he's not very good at political manipulation? I say that's a good thing. Politics is not brain surgery. Wouldn't it be nice to have someone in the oval office, who is smart enough to actually DO brain surgery, though?  I suspect the man should be able to figure out how to run the country successfully given the level of intelligence required to reach the pinnacle of scientific achievement he has attained. 

Why should we need a politician-president? Arguably, the most talented politician to occupy the oval office in the past century was Lyndon Johnson and look what a mess he made of things. He was brilliant at getting things done legislatively. Trouble was, what he wanted done, was terrible for the country. He lost a war his predecessor started and started a war that all of his successors have been steadily losing for the past 47 years! And by all accounts he was a man of low characters.

Great politicians are the very jackasses that got us all into this mess in the first place. Maybe if someone like Dr. Carson were elected, he'd bring in a few other honest men and women on his coattails. Wouldn't that be a breath of fresh air in the halls of Congress, even if it's only the last hurrah of American exceptionalism just before we disappear into the gray quagmire envisioned by the progressive socialists? When progressives fantasize about a manageable proletariat where everybody is "happy and safe" and "equal" (by which they mean "the same"), it is always created by legislative fiat and a vast governmental system arises so that we members of the proletariat may be properly managed by our betters. Oddly enough, certain privileges are inevitably reserved for the motely collection of elite hard-working talented politicians who assume the mantle of "Dear Leadership" - for our own good of course.

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