Thursday, June 25, 2015

Are These Obama Sycophants Serious?

Got this (above) posted on my Facebook wall this morning. I just had to wonder whether the guy was serious or just wanted to make me blow up and waste the rest of the morning arguing with him and his cronies.

It's odd. They are trying so hard to revive Obama's rep and its ludicrous.  I mean, Obama owned the House and Senate his first term and the Democrats had owned the senate and house for two years BEFORE he became president so they were able to do a lot of prep work (like crashing the economy) before he got there. They arranged a Nobel Prize for him less than a month after he became president and he hadn't even done any serious damage to the United States yet.  And with the padded head start they gave him, this man is still blaming Bush for everything. He piled up trillions in debt in just his first term. He managed in just 4 years to out spend all 46 previous presidents put together. 

Yeah, if it weren't for those pesky Republicans obstructing him at every term, we might have a national form of socialist government by now and what a joy that would be.
Imagine if he could have "done more"?!!

Okay, let's imagine if president Obama could have successfully nationalized the economy and given us real state socialism  Except, let's take an example from history where a nationalized state socialims was tried out.The leader of that nation also claimed he had a "better" version of Marxiswm all figured out far better than the Communist kind. He and his followers assured everyone that this new brand of kinder, gentler socialism would "work this time" because, unlike previous disastrous attempts at Marxist socialism, this time they had the "right leaders". The Leader (that's what they called him - "the leader") complained that a certain group was "obstructing his reforms at every turn" (probably early Republicans I bet) and with the assent of the people, he did manage to quietly remove those obstructionists rather effectively - some six million of them.

He loved nature and children, enacted rigorous gun control laws for the safety of the people. Only the authorities, he argued, needed to bear arms. Without guns in the hands of the proletariat, civil unrest was abruptly ended and peace reined.

He rammed through strict environmental laws to save the forests because nature was good "for the people." Then the leader's ministers built huge estates on the lands confiscated by the government so they could protect those beautiful natural vistas from encroachment by "the people", because nature must be protected for the good of everyone, it was argued. 

Churches, priests and pastors - were stripped of their protected status if they criticized what was going on.  The Leader arrested thousands and executed many hundreds who opposed his policies - including world reknown theologians and churchmen.

This great visionary leader wanted the government to control all those evil corporations that were exploiting the people. He got that too and proceeded to enact policies which turned those industries into slave labor camps and eventually reduced those industries to rubble.

Remarkably (if you believe the newspapers), everybody just loved him and wanted him elected to a third term.... Remember this lovable guy?

"The Leader"  (you might remember him as "der Fuerher" -
the man with the better brand of Marxism!)

Have these "Occupy" people never sat in a history class in their lives?

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