Monday, February 10, 2014

SHOULD They Change the Washington Redskins' Name

This time let's make it something more appropriate for a DC football team.

They're still going on in the mainstream press about changing the name of the Washington Redskins.  Well, I think they should change it. Redskins is too good a name for a team from DC. I have several names that spring to mind.   

How about the Washington Politicians? I for one would thoroughly enjoy seeing them trounced repeatedly under that name. That name probably wouldn't help their win/loss record much, but then, who cares?  After all, it's Washington DC. They're like the Fabulous Freebirds of American Cities. Naming your sports teams for politicians probably isn't a good idea, though. Not if you hope to win regularly. Remember, the Texas Rangers were once the Washington Senators and look how long it took them to shake that stigma and get into the playoffs.  As a Cowboy fan of long standing, I wouldn't mind if Washington got beat up on for a few decades.

But I have lots of cool suggestions for the Washington Redskin name change:
  1. The Washington Politicians (logo - a big chicken in a pot)
  2. The Washington Bureaucrats (leave the helmet blank - they'll never be able to agree on a logo)
  3. The Washington Interns (the uniforms would come with Chap Stick and knee pads)
  4. The Washington Media Consultants (they could wear those stylish black trenchcoats everybody in Washington wears)
  5. The Washington Lobbyists (the team logo could be a martini glass)
  6. The Washington Corporate Shills (team logo - a stack of cash)
  7. The Washington Insiders (again - black trenchcoats but with sunglasses)
  8. The Washington Parasites (a half donkey/elephant motif I'm thinking or possibly a tick because I'm not sure anyone would recognize a picture of a leach)
  9. The Washington Political Hacks (Keith Olbermann in dark glasses)
  10. The Washington Talking Heads (the head of Dan Rather)
  11. The Washington Pundits (Dick Morris and James Carville silhouettes - one on each side)
Ooh, I know.  How about this?

The Washington Progressives  
(This could be their helmet)

The possibilities are almost endless.

I know - What with the latest round of debt ceiling extensions we could call them:

The Washington Wastrels

How about this helmet design for:

The Washington Lobbyists

Or my favorite....

The Washington Parasites

So many entertaining possibilities, BUT this is the best one I've seen yet.  It solves the problem entirely without changing the team's name. Just need a new logo!

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